Map of Tsavo West National Park

Map of Tsavo West National Park

Map of Tsavo West National Park

Map of Tsavo West National Park: Tsavo West national park is one of the premium protected areas in Kenya that is found along the coastal area of Kenya. The park is part of the greater Tsavo national park that is made up of two national parks those are: Tsavo East national park and Tsavo West national park. The land of Man-eaters the lions with other African big five members. The two national parks are divided by the highway that runs from the interior of Kenya that is Nairobi to Mombasa. The A109 road is one of the roads that make the park accessible as it passes through the middle of the park. Tsavo west national park map covers a total land area of over 9000 square kilometers. It also highlights the major area where tourist’s activities are done. The key area which the visitors frequent is on the Northern part near the Tsavo River. The water catchment area attracts more animals as they go to quench their thirst from the water while the big animals go to cool their bodies in the water.

There are many geographical maps that has been developed by many geographers to represent the nature of the park. The Tsavo west national park map also shows the geographical features that also accounts as major tourism attractions at the park. The map also shows the boundaries of the park from all directions. The park borders the famous Mkomazi game reserve and Chyulu Hills national park of Tanzania. Gates are also shown in Tsavo west national park map. All the entry points of the park from all the directions are shown. The map also shows the open savannah grasslands at the park with its different ecosystems.

Tsavo west national park is more wet and rough than Tsavo East national park.  The roughness of the park has made most of the parts of the park especially the southern part of the park. This is termed as undeveloped area where little tourist’s activities are done. The oldest national park in Kenya is dominated by the hilly volcanic mountains. The park was established in 1948 April alongside the counterpart Tsavo East National park. They were named after the dominant Tsavo River. The Tsavo river flows from West to East direction through the park center. 

Location of Tsavo National Park

The Tsavo national park is found or located in the coastal region of Kenya. Its on the South East part of Kenya in the coastal province. The park is among the few protected area which can be accessed by Road, railway and flights. The A109 highway that connects Nairobi to Mombasa passes through the middle of the park. From Nairobi the park is located around 250 kilometres away to the nearest park gate using Nairobi-Mombasa highway. The actual distance from Nairobi to Tsavo west national park varies from gate to gate. You can access Tsavo west national park from the coastal area that is Mombasa which is just few hours drive. Alternatively multi destination tours which we offer like 5 days Amboseli and Tsavo safaris gives you opportunity to access the park through Amboseli national park. You will enter to the park though the Chyulu hills direct gate that is Chyulu gate.

Tsavo west national park map is great guide to tourists who are the first time planners of their safari to the park. It guides you the key routes to use and the gates you can access the park from when using which route. When choosing accommodation to stay with make sure it must be around the boundaries of the Tsavo west national park map. This will give enough time to enjoy the full day activities at the park. Without such a guiding map most guests who have never been at the park are mislead.

Our Tsavo west national park map is a digitalized and satellite map that shows the current part of the park. It also indicates the nearby community conservancies where some of the rhinos are found like Taita Hills game reserve, Lumo Community wildlife sanctuary among others. The map is a detailed guide if well translated and followed will make your Tsavo national park safari expectations achieved easily.

Take enough time to revise well our Tsavo west national park map for self-guidance. You will know all the park gates, avenues for the park activities, location of accommodations at the park. This will make you book your rightful accommodations for your safaris as you know the distance of the lodge to the park gate if found outside the park. Follow our blogs on Accommodations in Tsavo West national park. We provided a wide range of lodges for guests to select.

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