Mwingi National Reserve

Mwingi reserve is one of the three Kenya reserves located in the Mount Meru region that is often referred to as the Meru Conservation Area (MCA) in northern eastern Kenya. This reserve shares borders with Kora National Park, Meru National Park and Bisandi National Reserve. Mwingi National Reserve covers 755 square kilometers and as well comprises of the open savannah, acacia woodlands and the rivers.

Attractions in Mwingi National Reserve.


The reserve has various animal species like the crocodiles, hippos, caracal, elephant, lion, and leopard, several species of the antelopes and among others. The population of game in this reserve is however limited.

Ngomeni Rock.

This rock is situated midway between the southern end of Mwingi National reserve (north) and Ukasi Hill (South). The site is best known for goodly Ngomeni Rock spanning 3 km squared with a rock -catchment dam holding eerier still water at its foot. The rock has a rich floral diversity including the rock adapted to grass.

George Adamson Bridge.

It was fabricated between 1986 and 1990, the steel vintage George Adamson Bridge close to the northern edge of Mwingi Game Reserve and which separates Meru national park and Kora national park, crossing River Tana, is a warm tribute to the famed reformist and conservationist George Adamson, and is the universal welcome to Kora National Park, this course, was where the exemplary novel Born Free about ‘’ Elsa the lioness’’. The George Adamson Bridge is the scenically-splendid Adamson’s falls, Grand falls, Kora Rapids.

Mwingi National Reserve
George Adamson Bridge

Activities done In the Reserve.

Camel Riding.

In the area of the reserve a number of the maasai people own camel, who will treat visitors with a camel riding safari to explore the reserve during the nature walk into the reserve, during on the camel riding you can as well visit the nearby villages and have a camel riding arranged for you.


The reserve offers the enjoyment of the adventure to the guests as well as the place to rest in during your camping in the reserve, due to the fact that there is no accommodation facilities in the reserve so camping is the most and the only choice mostly to the guests in the reserve.


Fishing activity is done by the guests especially in Tana River and safaris to neighboring national parks and reserves as number of fish species can be caught during fishing.

Boat ride.

Boat ride is done on the Tana River this is so much reward as you get a close lookout at the hippos and crocodiles including of bird species.

Mwingi National Reserve

Best time to visit Mwingi National Reserve.

The best months with the good weather in the Reserve are the January, February, June, July, August and September are the best recommended months  to visit the reserve.

Where to stay in Mwingi National Reserve.

There is no accommodation within the park but safari accommodation is available in Meru National Park, Kora National reserve and in the neighboring towns of Thika and Mwingi. Camping is allowed in the reserve for the designated areas.

Entrance fees of Mwingi National Reserve.

Category Citizen (KSH) Resident(KSH) Non- Resident (USD)
Adult 125 300 22

How to get to Mwingi National reserve.

The  reserve can be accessed by the road and the air means from Nairobi to the reserve.

By Roads.

The reserve can be accessed through the Thika to mwingi then north –east through Kyuso village or from Meru National Park through Adamson’s Bridge through Kora National Park. There are also efforts by Kitui county Government to increase the accessibility to the reserve.

By Flight.

The flight from Nairobi to the Reserve takes you about 40 minutes inside the reserve.

Mwingi National Reserve the ‘’ The Last Frontier’’ Hot, dry, remote and unspoiled, this reserve is a designated a wilderness activity zone and allows for fly camping, fishing, camel riding safaris for the intrepid visitor.

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