Reasons why a Lodge is not a Hotel

Reasons why a Lodge is not a Hotel : Is there any distinction between a Lodge and a Hotel? We have continually asked ourselves this question for a long, but as we began to search for answers, it became clear that it would not be as simple as we had initially anticipated.

The distinction between the 2 is so thin, it is practically undetectable, especially in Kenya. Nevertheless, we were able to pinpoint three unique characteristics that set the two apart. Continue reading to learn some truths you probably didn’t know.

  1. A Lodge blends comfort and luxury.

A lodge, by definition, looks cosier even if it resembles a bed and breakfast. However, that description could not be more accurate. Right now most lodges will have almost all the amenities hotels used to provide including things like a coffee maker, microwave, breakfast buffet and big-screen TV.

To be safe, think of a lodge as a cross between a bed and breakfast and a luxury hotel. In actuality, cosier furnishings and finishings are found in most lodges.

  1. A lodge has a rustic and laid-back setting.

Lodges appear more rustic than hotels, which is another noticeable distinction. The majority are typically constructed in remote areas like national parks and game reserves, which are on the fringes of large cities or towns.

An example of a hotel is the Afro Chic Diani Beach Hotel, albeit its owners, Elewana Collection, also refer to it as their 10-room villas at times.

They are therefore the ideal escape from the rush of city life. Lodges offer its visitors the opportunity to see expansive, unobstructed views from outside their door; these may be a Savannah grassland, ocean, or woodland. Hotels would bring glass, concrete, and the typical cacophony of city life.

  1. Lodges have more personalized service and fewer rooms.

I’m not so sure about this one, but industry insiders seem to indicate that the majority of lodges would have less rooms than a full-service hotel and more rooms than a bed and breakfast. The lodge’s “smallness” allows it to provide a more individualized level of service compared to a hotel, such as spending more time cleaning rooms, setting up a tour of the neighborhood’s attractions, and so forth.

Do these three make the differences between the two more apparent to you? While it is clear that a lodge cannot be a hotel, our analysis revealed that the lines separating the two are becoming increasingly hazy as the desire to satisfy customers blurs the regulations controlling the sector.

This distinction becomes even more hazy in Kenya, where it is usual to find a hotel in the middle of the city and, conversely, a facility known as a lodge.

It is imperative that those who oversee industry standards uphold these definitions so that knowledgeable individuals can make more informed judgements when making reservations which will make your Kenya safari the most wonderful one.

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