Roaring Rocks in Tsavo National park


Roaring Rocks in Tsavo National park : Tsavo national park is one of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya at 13,747 square kilometres situated in a semi-arid area, Tsavo national park is situated in the southeastern Kenya, east of Kilimanjaro. The largest (8,036 square miles (20,812 square km) of the Kenya’s national parks, it was established in 1948.The park is divided both Tsavo East national park and Tsavo West national park.

Tsavo East national park.

Tsavo east national park is the biggest in Kenya sitting on an area of 13,747 square kilometres. It was established in 1948, the park was famously known as the Theatre of the wildlife due to concertation of wildlife especially the red dusty elephants that spray and roll on the termite mods sin the park. The park is gifted with a wide range of attractions that guests enjoy while on their safari to this scenic park. The large size of the park has contributed to its diversifies ecosystem that inhabits more games, one can spread more than two days while exploring Tsavo East national park if one has to get its best experience.

Tsavo West national park.

Tsavo West national park is located along Kenyan coastal providence adjacent to the Indian ocean. The park covers 9,065 square kilometres, the park has several volcanic features found at the parklike rocks, Mzima springs and among others. The much experiential part during your visit to the ark is witnessing the clear crystal water that gushes from the ground of the rock. The lava rock produces over 50 million gallons of the clear crystal water daily.

Roaring Rocks in Tsavo West National Park.

Roaring rocks are found in Tsavo West National park over the plain called the Rhino Valley and the Ngulia, the roaring rocks are located near the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, which has been an observation point for the protection of the black rhinoceros and the fight against poaching.

These are the rocks where the lions are easily viewed, it got its name from the sound of the lions ‘roar ‘as the lions like roaring from the spot. This point is popular as the point where the lion King Musafa hold the Simba. It’s the best spot for viewing lions at the park. The Roaring rocks gives a magnificent panoramic views to the Tsavo West national park.

Roaring Rocks in Tsavo National park
Roaring Rocks

Roaring rocks are situated near the Ngulia Rhino sanctuary and for a long time these rocks have been an observation point, roaring  rocks  derives their name from the wind that hits the rocks and rebounds creating a loud roar, these hills offers you  to enjoy these scenic views of the surrounding you have to climb to the top of the hills, it is said that once as the wind blows and whistling up the escarpment and the persistent drone of cicadas  through the hills it makes sounds like a lion roar thus being the roaring rocks, while there are little anger, the Kenya Wildlife Service does not worn in its guidebook to the park that  in Chaimu crater be wary when exploring since the crater and lava may shelter snakes and large sleeping animals that is of the lodges in the area offer guided excursions here like the Kilaguni Serena lodge, for example charges USD 35 for guided climbs of Chaimu for its guests.

Roaring rocks offers a parking area and a winding nature trail leading to the top of this lofty out crop of the craggy volcanic rocks where the raptors glide past at the eye level, there are two view points offering magnificent vistas to the east and west of the park and two picnic sites equipped with both shade and seating. Not surprisingly roaring rocks is a popular wedding venue. When you’re standing at the roaring rocks your even be able to identify the landscape in Tsavo West national park.

The roaring rock is the great site to sit especially when your lonely to view the nature while viewing in the Tsavo West national park and you watch the land sprawl away such that you can refresh your mind setup, with the clear view of the park while observing some animal and bird species in the park.

On top of the roaring rocks, there is a fantastic view towards west with the 5 sisters, the Chuluys Hills and with a bit view of the Kilimanjaro if you’re lucky and the other side a great view to the Rhino valley, the Roaring rock as the best view point in the Tsavo West national which also give a great opportunity to observe the well set creatures in the park, which gives you the great remembrance of the Tsavo West national park also the top of the roaring rock there is a picnic table which makes the views to be incredible while spotting the animals as well from above with a such great viewing treat.

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