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Safari terms to know for best safari experience

Safari terms to know for best safari experience : When organizing an African safari, don’t forget to study some phrases and words let’s call them “Safari Lingo” to make you feel more prepared.  You should be familiar with the following terminology before you travel to Safari:


Safari, which meaning journey or expedition in Swahili, has come to refer to journeys to Africa for the purpose of observing or photographing African wildlife.

Walking Safari.

 A substitute for the game drive. A walking safari is a leisurely way to observe wildlife while trekking, tracking, or strolling beside knowledgeable guides. Simply said, it’s a method for sating your craving for adventure while walking. Exploring the stunning Mana Pools National Park, trekking gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of the Congo, and going on birding expeditions all throughout the continent.

Big 5.

Some individuals used to travel to Africa before the safari to do trophy hunting, which is the act of hunting wild animals. Although many animals were hunted, five of them were the most challenging to take down and brought in even larger trophies. The Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, and Rhinoceros are among these animals, also known as the “Big5”.


A wildlife conservancy is a piece of land that is maintained for the conservation of wildlife as well as other complementary land uses to improve livelihoods by a single landowner, a community of landowners, or a body. In addition to national parks and reserves, conservancies offer interconnected landscapes that benefit local populations through animal management. Just know that communities have been put at the forefront of animal protection in the area in question when you hear the word conservancy.

There are numerous conservancies, including Melako Conservancy (the largest community conservancy in Kenya), Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy, Laikipia Nature Conservancy, Lewa Conservancy, and many more.


This refers to species of plants and animals that are localized. A few creatures, like African Penguins, Grevy’s Zebra, and Hartebeest, are unique to Africa. There are endemic species in several national parks and in some nations.

Guide/Field guide.

 A person whose job it is to guide travelers through the African wilderness. On safari excursions through reserves, conservancies, and national parks, field guides accompany visitors while providing educational insights and fascinating information about all aspects of nature.

Game drive.

This is the most frequent method of observing wildlife in its natural setting. In a 4WD safari vehicle, which has large windows, pop-up roofs, and in certain regions, like southern Africa, totally open sides, especially built for viewing animals, game drives are typically conducted. The length of a game drive can vary based on the programme. You can select from full-day or half-day drives in our itineraries.


A sundowner is simply happy hour while an African sunset is visible over the African savannah. With a sundowner, there is no better way to cap off an exciting day or day. With some cocktails and excellent company, observe the sunset.


A charter flight is a small aircraft that is typically booked exclusively for you or a small group of people, unlike the large planes that travel from continent to continent.  As you soar above the African wilderness in this little aircraft, you’ll have an unforgettable safari experience while admiring the beautiful scenery below. In addition, they are utilized to link distant national parks, particularly for visitors who don’t like to drive far distances.

Safari Lodge.

This is just one of the many accommodation alternatives. A safari lodge is a type of accommodation made up of enduring concrete, stone, or wood constructions. The majority of the time, they are larger and offer more amenities than safari camps.

Safari terms to know for best safari experience
The Ark lodge

Safari Vehicle.

In order to assure customer safety, game driving safari vehicles are often sizable 44s that have been modified in accordance with local safety laws. They need to be durable, comfortable, and well-maintained because they can handle any terrain.


Have you ever seen a man relaxing in a chair that is suspended from a safari vehicle? That is a tracker, indeed. Many elements affect how well an African safari goes, but the guide is essential. Spoor is used by an expert tracker to locate the game. They use paw prints and footprints to determine the location of the species.

Wild Camp.

The backcountry areas near cities or towns, national parks, wildlife reserves, and privately owned land are all possible locations for wild camping, which is often done in a tent.

The advantages of wild camping include getting away from comforts like campsites and seeing nature and wildlife undisturbed. Gaining knowledge of “Leave No Trace,” and developing wilderness skills.

Some wild camps let guests remain for extended amounts of time so they may get to know the local fauna and culture.

“Bush” in Safari.

The natural setting where animals dwell and roam freely is referred to as the “bush”.

A general term for sparsely populated natural areas distinguished by brush and trees.

What is a Bush Breakfast?

A bush breakfast is a morning meal that is provided outside, occasionally under a canopy, so that safari visitors can learn more about the region and the potential for tourism there.

A typical bush breakfast consists of eggs, sausage, homemade bread, yoghurt, granola, cereal, fruit, and nuts and many others.

What is a balloon safaris?

Visualise yourself gently floating in the air and going where the wind takes you. A balloon flight over the savanna was used for a photo tour. Many locations in Africa, such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Namibia, offer balloon rides where you may come across the nature and wildlife in the beautiful early sunrays.

Balloon Safari is a hot air balloon adventure that provides picturesque flights over some of Africa’s most breathtaking scenery.

What is the “Great Migration” of animals on safari?

Great Migration, commonly referred to as the Annual Great Wildebeest Migration, is a spectacular occurrence. Over two million animals migrate annually from Kenya’s Maasai Mara to Tanzania’s Serengeti. Wildebeest make up the majority of the herd, but gazelles and zebras are also present.

What is Kopje?

A “kopje” is a particular kind of rock structure that can be found in places like Tanzania’s Serengeti. From the Savannah’s level plain rises a mound primarily composed of granite and gneiss. The beautiful pile’s name is inselberg, and it is pronounciated “copy.” Kopjes draw animals, making them an excellent location for wildlife photography.

What are the Maasai People?

An ethnic group called the Maasai lives in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. Most of their milk needs are met by the cattle they breed, which graze on the plains. Calf blood, milk and the occasional serving of muesli make up their staple diet. Due to their unusual traditions and attire, they are among the most well-known African tribes.

What is a Night Game Drive?

Similar to game drives, night drives are conducted after the sun has set. They provide the ideal chance to observe nocturnal wildlife. Driving at night can be thrilling because you might observe predators when they are actively hunting.

What is a Tusker?

Elephant is known as a “tusker” in Africa. They can weigh up to two tonnes and are the biggest land mammals on the continent. Tuskers are renowned for having huge tusks that can reach a length of six feet.

What is a nocturnal animal?

 Animals that are active at night are referred to as nocturnal. You stand a strong chance of encountering nocturnal animals while out on your night game drive.

What is a Savannah?

The Savannah is primarily a grassland with a few scattered trees and plants.

In this ecosystem, there are only two seasons: wet and dry.

What is a Self-Drive Safari?

 Self-Drive Safaris are a fantastic opportunity to explore some of Africa’s top parks and animal refuges. The reserve is accessible to visitors driving their own cars, who are free to schedule their own game drives and stops.

Without having to worry about other people or a schedule, you may choose where to go and how long you want to stay at a certain location.

A self-drive safari is less expensive than a scheduled excursion, and kids of any age are welcome.

 A self-drive safari is a fun activity for families to enjoy together.

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