The Sands At Chale

The sands at Chale is a luxury resort located on a private Chale Island on a white sandy beach, the resort lies just four degrees south of the equator.

Chale Island offers guests a choice of world that no other island can offer, the island has coral seas which are abundant with fish life, coastal forests and mangroves teaming with bird and insect life, snow white beaches offering safe warm bathing.

The Island “The Chale Island”

The Chale Island is a small romantic Island situated 600 meters off the mainland, 10 kilometers south of Diani, the island is about 1.2 kilometres long and 0.8 kilometers wide with a general north or south orientation. Chale Island is divided in two parts that is the resort and sacred forest or Kaya.

The sands at Chale resort lies in 15 acres of indigenous ancient forest with a stunning 10,000 square meter white sand bay which is protected by a vibrant coral reef. The island is a magical haven with an explosion of colorful flora and fauna and a mystical inland tidal mangrove lake.

The Beach

Chale beach is ranked among the top ten worldwide beaches and the Chale Island’s coral sand bay is ranked as one of the best that Kenya has to offer. The secluded by is covered with snow-white powder fine coral sand and due to the remoteness of the Island, it is the only beach in Kenya that can truly be called private to thrill while on Kenya Tours . The island has no seaweed pile-ups which attracts turtles to frequently lay eggs in the bay adding to the charm of this magical island.

The Sands At Chale
The Sands At Chale

The Mangroves

The two thirds of Chale Island is covered by an ancient mangrove forest boasting the tallest mangrove trees in East Africa, behind the island there is the sweeping Gazi Bay which is the outlet of the seasonal Mkurimuji River. The combination of a shallow lagoon, a bay protected from waves and occasional fresh water makes Gazi an ideal Mangrove bay.



The Sands at Chale Island offers luxurious and comfortable accommodation in 6 categories to suit all the tastes and demands of the guests while fulfilling the philosophy of “the buildings should be elegant but not luxurious, blending into the natural environment and reflecting the traditional architecture with a maximum four star standard”.

Note: All rooms at The Sands at Chale are fully air-conditioned.

Categories of Accommodations at The Sands at Chale are follows

Standard Rooms

Standard Rooms at The Sands at Chale are carefully set into the natural environment, the main buildings have 28 spacious semi-circular en-suite rooms and Swahili day beds set on breezy verandas facing the Ocean to ensure all comforts are taken care of


Bandas at The Sands at Chale also known as “small house in Swahili” offer a unique and truly coastal holiday, all the Bandas have high, palm thatch roofs with views of wither out to sea, over the beach or panoramas encompassing lagoon, channel, mangroves and the setting sun over the Shimba Hills. The Bandas all have sun beds set on private front lawns and large verandas with Swahili day beds giving relaxing views.

Penthouse Suites

Penthouse Suites at The Sands at Chale are set well above the swaying treetops boasting breathtaking views of ocean and island, the Penthouse features separate sitting room, a veranda with a stunning 270 degree view of the ocean and an upstairs grotto facing the sunset. The penthouse suites are set to give you the ultimate all round island view.

Overwater Suite

Overwater Suite at The Sands at Chale is a first of their kind in Kenya, these water Bandas are located on the northwest of the Island with stunning views of Bird Island, Gazi Bay and in the distant sunset and the Shimba Hills.

The Overwater Suite has a large bedroom with an en-suite bathroom which looks out over the channel and a separate sitting room.

Suite on the Rocks

Suite on the Rocks The Sands at Chale is a honeymooners dream and also a dream to most guests situated on a separate islet connected to the main island by a stone bridge, a thatched roof soars high above the circular construction then plunges down in the middle allowing rainwater to fall directly into a mini garden in the center of the room. The suite has a circular stairway which leads one around an intricately crafted wall garden to an upstairs lounge, while the front veranda overlooks a private Jacuzzi on the cliff face and sunbathing deck.

DINE AND WINE at The Sands at Chale

The Sands at Chale offers a blend of traditional Kenyan Cuisine with a healthy twist if Italian Panache and a hit of the Orient ensure that each meal is an event to look forward to and be enjoyed. The Cuisine is coupled to an extensive international beverage menu with a local taste of the exotic and well stocked wine cellar which will complete your dream holiday in Kenya.

The Sands at Chale has a selection of bars and restaurants to choose from.


The Restaurant at The Sands at Chale is a beautiful site with steps leading straight down to the center of the beach and is ideally situated to give the true island feeling. The resort has an expert team of highly trained cooks lead by Chef Evans who makes sure that every meal is a pleasure, the chefs put a strong emphasis on seafood, the live grilling station and pasta corner ensure that your meal cannot be any fresher.

Traditional Kenya Cuisine at The Sands at Chale is mixed with both Italian and Oriental dishes which will be pleasure to your taste buds.


The Bar at The Sands at Chale has very friendly staffs that are at hand to serve Espressos, cold drinks, cocktails and a wide variety of wines and spirits, the main bar is nestled between the Reception and the Restaurant and it is always open.

 There is also The Galana Pool bar is located by the Standard Rooms in unique tranquillity with stunning ocean vistas.

The Sands At Chale
The Sands At Chale

Tea Time 

The Sands at Chale offers a stunning selection of tea.


From Chale Island, The Sands at Chale offers daily trios to Diani Beach, the Nomad Beach Bar and the Diani Beach Shopping Center. Activities to do include

  • Diving
  • Water spots such as Beach snorkelling, boat snorkelling, Kayaking, game fishing and Local Catamaran sailing.
  • Shopping
  • Spa at Maisha Poa Spa and Wellness Center
  • Excursions to Gazi fishing village, a marine reserve in Wasini and Dinai Beach

Getting there

From Nairobi, Chale Island is situated just a short 3 hours away including one hour domestic flight from Nairobi to Ukunda followed by a 30 – minute ride to Chale Island.

For international tourists from Abroad – direct flights are offered by most major European and African Airports to Nairobi, once in Nairobi, internal air connections to Ukunda are available.

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