The Top Reasons To Visit Kenya In 2024

The Top Reasons To Visit Kenya In 2024: Is Kenya worth visiting? Kenya will provide an experience of a lifetime and remain in your heart forever, just as it did mine. Its stunning landscapes, animals, intriguing sunsets, people, and the sounds of lions roaring, elephants trumpeting, birds singing, monkeys shouting, and hyenas laughing are all part of Kenya.

The first African nation you will travel and fall in love with is Kenya. It will make you want to travel to more African nations. It’s fascinating to observe wild creatures in their natural habitat, watch them interact with one another, and learn about other people’s traditions and ways of life.

Kenya also boasts one of the most stunning beaches. Not only is Kenya unique, but Africa as a whole is as well; the sun is brighter here, too. Kenya, however, is also becoming a more important commercial hub in East Africa. Kenya offers a lot of travel options for both work and pleasure. Continue reading to find out all the reasons for Why Kenya is a destination worth seeing in 2024.

  1. Masai Mara Game Reserve:

On a safari, witnessing the magnificent Big Five animals—lions, African elephants, Cape buffalo, leopards, and black rhinoceroses—up close and personal is an experience that neither pictures nor movies can fully capture. The five animals that are most challenging to hunt due to their hostile temperament are referred to as the “Big Five” in traditional hunting terminology.

  1. Wildebeest Migration at Masai Mara:

One of the most spectacular occurrences occurs in the Masai Mara Game Reserve from July to September. Hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, and other animals swarm grazing land during the wildebeest migration. Although it is possible to watch the migration from a safari vehicle, we strongly advise booking a hot air balloon to witness the wildebeest migration or simply to take in the Mara’s natural splendor.

  1. Nairobi:

Nairobi is brimming with things to do, delicious food, and breathtaking natural wonders. Nairobi is worth spending a few days in, whether your goals are to stroll the bustling streets of East Africa’s largest metropolis, walk in a game reserve, eat traditional Kenyan food, or go shopping at an outdoor market or mall.

  1. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Center:

Particularly noteworthy for providing some of Nairobi’s greatest daytime attractions are these two animal centers. Raising and returning black rhinos and orphaned elephants to the wild is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s specialty. Guests can observe the elephants being fed and washed every morning.

  1. Nairobi National Park:

Situated just seven kilometers from Nairobi, this park is the only protected area in the world, with giraffes in one direction and skyscrapers in the other. Nairobi National Park is definitely worth a day trip, with over 400 kinds of birds recorded, in addition to lions, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, black rhinos, and other wildlife.

  1. Fort Jesus and Old Town in Mombasa:

Fort Jesus in Mombasa is situated at the nexus of the city’s complex historical ties to both Europe and the Middle East. After constructing this bastion in 1593, the Portuguese engaged in combat with the Arabs for the next 100 years in an effort to keep control. The fort was converted into a prison during the British colonization of Mombasa, and the region was designated as a national park in 1958.

The Top Reasons To Visit Kenya In 2024
Fort Jesus
  1. Lamu:

This one-vehicle island with buildings from the 1700s and a mostly Muslim populace is a world apart from Kenya’s mainland. If you’re on land, walking is the ideal way to see areas like Lamu Town, where you can eat fresh seafood and explore meandering streets and colorful markets. If you’re on the water, take a trip in a dhow, a traditional Arab sailing vessel.

  1. Mount Kenya:

Mount Kenya, the second-highest mountain on the African continent, is situated in the nation’s center. There are hiking trails that lead to numerous smaller peaks and stunning glaciers, even though reaching the summit takes some prior mountaineering skill. The pathways in the mountains are ideal for seeing plants and animals.

  1. The Karen Blixen Museum:

The Danish author Karen Blixen and her Swedish husband, Baron Bror von Blixen Fincke, originally held a farm at the base of the Ngong Hills, where the Karen Blixen Museum now stands. The museum, which is situated 10 kilometers from the city center, offers a window into a different era of Kenyan history.

  1. The Ruins of Gedi:

Eastern Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast is home to the historical and archaeological monument known as Gedi Ruins. The village, which is tucked away in a verdant forest and overlooks the Indian Ocean, is believed to have been established in the early 13th century. Coastal Swahili-Arab communities dating back to medieval times can be found all the way from Mogadishu, Somalia, to the Zambezi River in Mozambique.

  1. Delicious cuisine

Unbeknownst to many, Kenya offers a wide variety of distinctive foods that are served all around the nation. Ugali is Kenya’s national dish, consumed by every Kenyan household. To make ugali, corn flour or maize is boiled with milk or water until it resembles dough. For example, you can have Ugali with another favorite food, meat stew.

Because Kenyans enjoy eating meat so much, they grill goat or cattle meat in addition to wonderful fish. Additionally, they make chapati, a soft flatbread. Samosa, also known as Sambosa in several Middle Eastern countries, is a dish consisting of triangle-shaped pastries stuffed with potatoes, meat, or minced meat. In addition, they provide a variety of foods that include plantains, fried spicy potatoes, and rice cooked with coconut milk.


It’s right here for you. The evidence shows why Kenya is a destination worth seeing and ought to be on everyone’s vacation wish list. Check out the FAQs below if you have any additional queries.

 Is traveling to Kenya safe?

A lot of individuals ask questions like this one.  Firstly, you should be up-to-date on all recommended vaccines, including those for yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, and tetanus. Carry antimalarial medicines if desired, along with an effective repellent against mosquitoes. These are primarily required on safaris and in rural areas. It’s also crucial to sleep with mosquito netting.

When on safari, follow your guide’s directions to the letter and stay inside the vehicle. Don’t leave your hotel at night while you’re there. Visitors are not safe there. You can accompany local friends if you have any; if not, stay at your hotel or resort. Apart from that, I think traveling to Kenya is secure. Naturally, before you leave, make sure to check the travel advisory.

When is the best time to visit Kenya?

Your best chance to witness the Great Migration is between July and October. Other than that, January and February during the dry season are the greatest times to go because of the incredible game viewing.


Kenya is a destination worth seeing because of its diverse cultures and tribes, stunning scenery, rare wildlife, historical landmarks, lovely beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, and hospitable, friendly locals. “You will either love it or hate it when you go to Africa for the first time,” goes the proverb. I think you will adore Kenya if you visit.

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