Tsavo East National Park fees

Tsavo East National Park fees

Tsavo East National Park fees

Tsavo East National Park fees: Tsavo East national park which is called the Theatre of the Wild is the home of the famous red dusty Elephants that like spraying themselves with wallowing midnight blue waters of the Galana River with its Palm-shade. The Galana river is one of the best scenic photographic destination in Africa with unique images. Tsavo East national park hosts the world’s longest plateau which is called the Yatta plateau. Tsavo East is popular for the African big five those are Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes and Rhinos. Other big game at the park include: Lesser Kudu, Gerenuk, hippos, Waterbucks, Wildebeest, Giraffes, Zebras, Cheetah, Eland and many more.

Tsavo East national park like its counterpart Tsavo west national park was established in 1st April 1948. It’s the largest national park in Kenya covering a total land area of 13,747 square kilometres.  Its located in the famous semi-arid area of Taru Desert. The park is located in Taita-Taveta County near Voi town which was the former province of the Coast. The park is cut away from Tsavo West national park by the highway called A109 Road alongside the railway line that connects the interior of Kenya with the coast. The park was named after the famous Tsavo River which is a key drainage to the park flowing from West to East of the park. 

How to get to Tsavo East National park

You can easily access the park from the coast in Mombasa or from Nairobi. The accessibility is facilitated by good road network as well the flights. You can also be accessed through the North of Mombasa which covers 250 kilometres. When in Mombasa through Voi it is only 96 kilometres, if you are in Malindi no need to worry its only 153 kilometres taking the Western road C103 entering the park via Sala Gate. Alternatively you can also get a flight from Nairobi Wilson airport or Mombasa that takes you to any of the Airstrips at the park like Voi, Sala, Aruba, Ithumba, Satao, Mopeo and others. There are daily departures as well as chattered flights that operate daily.

Tsavo East national park Fees

Tsavo East National park fees are all collected and managed by Kenya Wildlife Serves. The park fees are all under the direct control of the Kenyan government under the arm of Kenya Wildlife Services. Tsavo East National park fees are valid for 24 hours and paid per person. The park fees can be prepaid in the bank before going to the park. Alternatively you can also pay at the park gates using your credit card. The strictness is that no cash is allowed at any of the park gets hence guests must pay in advance or use their credit card for paying. When paying using your credit card the surcharge is imposed on your card. All guests which fly in to the park pay their park entry fees at the clearance point at the airstrip before your driver guide picks you and transfer you to the lodge.

The Tsavo East park fees allows the guests to do all the activities at the park except privately arranged activities. You will do all the day game drives with the help of your driver guide. The park entry fees also include the VAT already. The park gates are always open from 6am in the morning and closes at 7 pm daily. No guests are allowed to enter or exit the park past the time.

Tsavo East National park fees are categorised in to three categories those are: Foreigners, Foreign Residents and East African residents or residents. The above categories pay different amounts in regard to Tsavo East National park fees.  Amidst the above categories are also charged according to their age hence children paying different fees from adults. These differences are highlighted in the table of Tsavo East National park fees structure. All foreigners pay park entry fees in USA Dollars while East Africans and Kenyans pay in Kenyan shillings. Another category of Tsavo East National park fees are the car or vehicle fees, trucks, delivery vans and aircrafts.Some times you can check more details in Kenya Wildlife Services tariff plan for year 2020. Most times the government makes some changes though rare but the fact remains the tariff is set for a year incase of any changes to be made. Tsavo East National park fees are annually and the government revises incase of any changes they produce another tariffs for a new year.

Tsavo East park fees 


Adults                     52$

Children                 35$

Students                  35$


Adults                      1,030ksh

Children                   515ksh


Adults                        515ksh    

Children                      215ksh


Adults                                                       43,100ksh

Child                                                         10,340ksh

Corporates                                                  103,440ksh

Tour drivers                                             6,000ksh

Other Tsavo national park fees charges (KSH)

Vehicles charge per Vehicle per day

Vehicles from 5 seater and below   300Ksh 

Vehicles from 6 to 12 seats              1,030Ksh

Vehicles from 13 to 24 seats             2,535Ksh

Vehicles from 25 to 44 seats              4,050Ksh 

Vehicles from 44 seats and above       5000Ksh

Tsavo East National Park fees
Tsavo East National Park

Aircrafts per single landing (ksh)

Aircrafts less than 3 seats                 300ksh

3 to 6 seats                                        500ksh

7 to 14 seats                                       1000ksh

15 to 20 seats                                    2,155ksh

21 and above seats                                3,015ksh


1 to 3 Tonnes                                        515ksh

4 to 7 tonnes                                          2,155ksh

Above 7 tonnes                                     3,015ksh

Please note that Tsavo east National park fees are valid for 24 hours and paid per person. They exclude all private activities done in the park but includes all activities that are managed by the park authority. You can reduce the cost by paying annual fees where discounts are given. The annual passes are valid for one year and guest can visit any national park under the management of Kenya Wildlife Services. If you need any private arranged activity at the park then you pay an extra fee directly to the organisers of that activity. Trying to sneak to the park without paying Tsavo East national park fees is an offence which is punishable.

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