Tsavo East National Park gates

Tsavo East National Park gates

Tsavo East National Park gates

Tsavo East National Park gates are the entry and exit points that the travellers use to access the park. The gates are also clearing points for the guests where guests can pay their park entry fees but not in cash using their credit cards. All the Tsavo national park gates are opened as early as 6:30am daily and closed at 7:00pm daily. No entry or exit of Tsavo East national park before the entry time or exit after the exit time. Tsavo East is the largest national park in Kenya. Tsavo East national park like its twin brother are located in the Southern part of Kenya along the Nairobi-Mombasa (A109) high way. The park is among the famous tourist destinations in Kenya nicknamed as “Theatre of the wild” due to its over welling population of animals at the park. The views of the red-dusty Elephants takes the game viewing experience. These Elephants like wallowing, spraying each other as well as rolling. The Elephants spray the little ones with the midnight blue waters of the palm shaded River Galana. Tsavo East national park has unique attractions like the world’s longest plateau that is the Yatta plateau. It’s a home of all the members of African big 5 (Lions, leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes and Rhinos). Other game found at the park include Hippos, Waterbuck, crocodiles, lesser kudu, giraffes, Wildebeests, gerenuk, Gazelles and many more. It also hosts over 500 bird species. The combination of the great list of attractions has made the park one of the highlights of Kenya Safari.

How to get there

 Tsavo East national park can be easily accessed by road or flights in different parts of Kenya. If your in Nairobi you can drive to the park through the A109 highway to the Mtito Adei Gate which is found 233 kilometres South of Nairobi city. If you’re in Mombasa you can enter to the park through Voi gate which is just 153 kilometres. If around Malindi town, you can enter the park through Sala gate passing through Western road also known as C103.

Alternatively if the traveller cannot bear with the long drive you can use a flight. There are very many domestic flights that operate from Nairobi Wilson airport directly to Tsavo east national park. You can also book  a flight from Mombasa to the park. There are several well-functioning airstrips distributred across the park some inside while others outside but near Tsavo east national park gates. Some of the airstrips are Voi airstrip, Satao airstrip, Aruba airstrip, Sala airstrip, Bachuma airstrip, Mopeo airstrip and many more. 

Due to the large size of the Tsavo east national park, the park has different entry points. From the time it was gazetted as national park, the Kenya Wildlife Services has developed different Tsavo east national park gates to ease the acces of the park by gtravellers in all directions. TThis is top reduce long rotational distance of the park if the guest is on the opposite location. Below are some of the Tsavo east national park gates:

Sala Gate

The Sala Gate is located in the North Eastern part of the park. Its well-developed gate with all tourist facilities like Toilets, restaurants, Tsavo national park lodges and many others. The gate is found at the southern part of the famous Galana River.The remoteness of the gate has made it one of the unique scenic gate guest’s use. The gate can be accessed through the Tsavo-Malindi road. Its takes 1 to 2 hours drive only from Malindi town to the Sala Gate. If by flight you can access the gate through different airstrips found near the gate.

Voi Gate 

This is one of the Tsavo east national park gates that is found in the Southern part of the park. The gate is near the Kenya wildlife Services headquarters. Voi gate is one of the few gates at Tsavo east national park where guests can make credit card park entry fee payments. The gate hs installed the cashless payment system which travelers can use. The park gate is located in Northern part of the Voi town. You can access the Voi gate by road or flight to the nearest airstrip like Ikanga airstrip

Manyani Gate

Manyani Gate is one of the Tsavo east national park gates that travellers use for entry and Exit of Tsavo east national park. Its located in the South Western part of the park. The gate is popular of the animal pond which is frequently visited by the animals. Its also one of the developed gates with cashless payment systems where guests can pay their park entry fees. Other facilities available at the gate include: Toilets, information center, restaurants and others. The gate is just a few minutes’ drive from the Voi town, its next to the A109 highway. This is a gate which can be accessed by road, railway and flights. Some of the airstrips near the gate are Ikanga airstrip and Manyani airstrip. 

Buchuma Gate

Buchuma gate is one of the few Tsavo east national park gates with a security check point located in the South Eastern part of the park. This is the first gate one can encounter if starting your Safari journey from Mombasa.

Tsavo East National Park gates
Tsavo East National Park gates

All the park clearances are done in all the Tsavo east national park gates. You can not enter to the park without being cleared at the gate. All the gates are opened from 6 am to 7pm daily.  the park gates at tsavo are pretty much similar to those in other Kenya destination such as Samburu National reserve

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