Tsavo National Game Park

Tsavo National Game Park

Tsavo National Game Park

Tsavo National Game Park is a combination of two large national parks in Kenya. The two national parks that form the largest national park of Kenya are Tsavo East national park and Tsavo West national park. The game park covers nearly 22,000 square kilometres making it one of the largest national parks not only in East Africa but entire Africa. Tsavo national game park is alos the oldest protected area. It was gazetted in April 1948 by the British administrators with the main aim of preserving and conserving the fauna and flora.

The park is inter crossed or bisected by the Nairobi-Mombasa highway that connects the coast with the interior. The bisection is down running from North to South of the park. The terrain of the park changes from East to west where by the Eastern side is more open area than West. The western part of the game park is dominated by rough volcanic hills. Western side of the Tsavo national game park is dry dominated by short open savannah grassland. This is the most popular part of the park where most of the game drives are done. Its more developed than Tsavo West national park

The game park is drained by two main rivers those are Athi River and Tsavo River. The two rivers meet at the later stage forming one large Galana river where the Elephants spend most of their times. The popularity of Tsavo national game park lies on the Red dusty Elephants which are found in large numbers. In history the man eating lions who killed most of the Arab railway contractors put the park on the world map. The Mazima springs which is located on the West tsavo is among the highlights of the game park attractions. This is where 50 million gallons of clear crystal water is produced and travellers go there for good sightseeing experience.

Location of Tsavo game park

The game park is one of the few protected areas that is located in the coastal area. Its situated in the semi-arid area which was previously called Taru Desert.  Its located near the costal province few kilometres away from the town of Voi. Voi town is found in Taitia-Taveta County which was the former Coast Province. Its divided by the A109 road and the Railway line that connects the coat with the interior of Kenya. The Tsavo national game park was named after the main River That is Tsavo River which is the main source of water in the park. The game park is bordered by Chyulu Hills national park and Mkomazi Game Reserve of Tanzania.

Accessing Tsavo game park

Well-known for its large herds and population of Red Elephants combined with the scenic landscapes. The park is located along the Nairobi- Mombasa highway hence making guests to easily access the park even using public transport means. The game park can be accessed by road through its different gates. Its only 250 kilometres from the city Nairobi, if entering through Mtito Andei gate its only around 233 kilometres. The road is highway good tarmac hence reducing on the driving time.  One can also access the park through the South coastal area if your in Mombasa. Tsavo national game park is just 96 kilometres through Voi-Mombasa and 153 Kilometres from Malindi when using the Western road and entering the park through Sala gate. Other gates you can use to access the Tsavo national game park include: Mtito gate, Chyulu gate, Man eaters gate and others which can lead you access the game park through Tsavo West national park. Manyani gate, Voi gate Sala gate, Buchuma gate and others if you prefer to enter the game park through Tsavo east National park

By flights, you can access the park from any domestic airports of Kenya especially Wilson airport in Nairobi.  The park has several airstrips that are fully operational and located across many gates and some near the lodges. Some of the airstrips include: Sala airstrips, Voi airstrip, Satao airstrip, Aruba airstrip and many others. 

Attractions in Tsavo national game park


With all the African big 5 members available at the park, Tsavo national game park has undeveloped wilderness. It hosts a wide range of animal species that dominate the park it if much famous due to the large herds of Red Elephants as well as the man eating Lions. Other animals available at the park include: Leopards, Rhinos, Baboons, buffaloes, bushbuck, African wildcat, African Civet, African wild dogs, Duiker, wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, giraffes, fox, hyena, jackal, topis and many more. Animals are the key attraction that is found at Tsavo national game park.


Tsavo national game park hosts a long list of bird species with over 500 bird species registered at the park. The little birding paradise is good for both water birds and savannah birds. The park is also breeding grounds for the ocean birds. Some of the birding species include: Ostrich, Kori Bustard, Kestrels, Starlings, Buzzards, Weaver bird, Secretary bird, Kingfishers, Herons, Hornbills, lovebirds, eagle and many more.

Yatta plateau

Yatta plateau is one of the key attractions that is found at Tsavo national game park. The world’s longest lava flow runs over 290 kilometres long starting from the Ol Doinyo Sabuk Mountain. The rough under lying lava rock runs along the Western side acting as natural boundary of the park above the Athi River.

Mudanda Rock

This is an inselberg locally known as Kopjes is stratified rock which acts as the water catchment area that supplies water to the natural dam. The Mudanda rock is around 1,6 kilometres. It acts as viewing point especially for Elephants which come to the dam to quench their thirst as well as cooling themselves. 

Lugard Falls

This is remarkable historical falls which was named after the European explorer that is Frederick Lugard. The clear water rapids that are formed along the Galana river after the rock created a barrier for the flow of the river. Today the falls acts as not only historical site but sightseeing site for travellers. 

Lugard Falls
Lugard Falls Tsavo Game Park

Aruba Dam

This is an artificial dam that was constructed in 1952 across the famous Voi River. The main aim of building the dam was to create a reservoir for the water. It is an assembly point for the animals especially during the dry season times. 

The game park is the theatre of wildlife and one-stop tourist destination for your dream African wilderness safari.

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