Tsavo National Park activities

Tsavo National Park activities

Tsavo National Park activities

Tsavo National Park activities: Tsavo national park is the traveller’s dream that give the guest the best game viewing.  The park is one of the most gifted national parks not only in Kenya but entire Africa with large populations of wildlife. Tsavo national park activities are greatly influenced by the good number of Tsavo national park attractions.  The Tsavo national park activities ranges from the key activities that ranges from the great game viewing. 

Game viewing/ Game drives

Like any other national parks of Africa, Game viewing is one of the key activities that guests commonly come and enjoy in Africa. Tsavo national park activities is dominated by the game drives. The best rewarding game drives are done using the open roof safari cars which are mostly 4wheel landcruisers. You can explore the best of Tsavo national park through full day game drives that start from early in the morning to the late evening. Travellers must have their lunch boxes at the car which they can open in the middle of the bush during the game.

The large Tsavo national park game drives take several hours as you enjoy close experience of game viewing. The game drives takes you close to the animals where you take enough photos. The most sighted animals include: Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Hippos, Giraffes, Zebras, Wildebeest, Gazelles, Elephants, Black Rhinos, White Rhinos, Buffaloes, hyenas and many more.

The morning game drives are the most rewarding game drives in Tsavo National Park. The park is more active during the morning hours hence making the game drive more experiential. There is more action during the morning especially for the Hunters. You catch live action always when the predators are looking for the meal of the day.

Afternoon game drives always start from 2 pm to late in the evening. The main aim of the afternoon game drive is to catch up with more nocturnal animals that start coming out in the evening. The afternoon game drives are mostly done on the first day when the travellers gets in to the park around lunch time. Its sometimes called the taste of Tsavo national park wilderness as it is more brief on the first day. It’s the best for leopards viewing as this is the time the lazy leopards are very active and other big game like elephants, Buffaloes, lions , rhinos and others which like cold weather.

The other and the most common game drive is the fully day game drive. This is the best way of exploring the best of the large Tsavo national park. Full day game drives are the best Tsavo national park activities. This gives you an opportunity to view all corners of the park. Take your own time at the park as you look for the dream wildlife.

Game drives in Tsavo are the key of Tsavo national park activities which are most rewarding. You will never be disappointed by the game drives in Tsavo national park. You only need to book your full Tsavo national park safari with reputable local tour operators who have great driver guides.  

Nature walks/Walking safaris

Nature walks is among the prominent Tsavo national park activities. The park is more scenic with rough and mountainous. The park is gifted with different habitants and vegetation that ranges from the open savannah grassland to the rocky Chyulu hills. The park allows guided nature walks with the lead of the trained game ranger. You can hike to the hills around especially the poacher’s outlook where you can have 360 degrees view of the park. 

The guided nature walks gives guests unique experience of leisure that is active as you explore the wilderness on foot. This is the best way of getting close to the animals. The rangers have specific trails where nature walks are done. You will enjoy grazers like Elephants, Antelopes, Giraffes, Baboons, Buffaloes and many more. 

Birding safaris

Tsavo national park activities include Birding safaris, the park is a home of over 400 bird species. Due to different habitants found at the park it has greatly contributed to the wide range of bid species at the park. The parks hosts birds species that ranges from water birds to the forest bird species. The remote location of the park has made it easy and enjoyful for the birders to easily view the birds. The birding safaris are done any time of the year though the best time is during their breeding season which is also the rainy season. The best months of doing birding at the park starts from March to May and around November. This is the period when the park receives more migratory birds from different parts of the world. The diversified ecosystem in Tsavo national park has given an advantage for the great number of bird species

Birding safaris in Tsavo are long Safaris which need enough time for the traveller to view more bird list. Some of the bird species include: Secretary bird, Superb starling, Ostriches, Black eagles, Ruppell’s vulture, Grey-breasted spurfowl, Lovebird, Pied Kingfisher, Verreaux’s eagle-owl, Vulturine guineafowl, Golden palm weaver, Eastern black-headed oriole and many more.

Tsavo National Park activities
Tsavo National Park activities

However much Tsavo national park is the largest national park in Kenya, its less explored by guests. The limited number of travellers at the park has made it maintain its ecosystem very well. This less crowded park makes it best park to enjoy birding in Kenya. Birding is best done in quite silent place which can only be achieved in Tsavo national park among the prominent national parks of Kenya.

Cultural tours

Kenya is one of the countries in Africa with sound cultural practices that are very unique. Most of the locals around the park has remained intact with their cultures amidst all the new technologies that have swept most of the cultures across the world. Cultural tours are the supplementary of Tsavo national park activities. The park is surrounded by many locals with different cultures hence giving travellers opportunities to add their African wildlife experience with the local cultural experience. Visiting to these local to see their ways of leaving gives you a true picture of the African lifestyle before modernization.

Tsavo national park activities can be achieved as an individual or you can book full Tsavo safari package with local tour operators who will organise everything for you. The park is a home of true African wilderness that guests can explore in depth.

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