Tsavo National Park Kenya safari

Tsavo National Park Kenya safari

Tsavo National Park Kenya safari

Tsavo National Park Kenya safari: Tsavo East National park and Tsavo West national park are the two national parks that jointly form Tsavo national park. The combined two national parks cover almost 4% of Kenya total size. Its one of the largest national parks not only in Africa but entire world. This is the true wilderness with much undiscovered game viewing destination. The park is dominated by the dry rugged rolling hills covered with scrubs. Its remotely located in the semi-arid area of Taru desert. Tsavo national park Kenya safari takes you inside one of the best African juggle. It is a home of the African wildlife especially the African big five (lions, leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and Buffaloes) The wildlife densities are very large and spotting the animals is much easier and possible any time of the year when doing game drives. The park does not have foliage that could interfere with the game viewing during your Tsavo national park Kenya safari.

Tsavo national park Kenya safari through the contiguous stretch of land that is splinted in to two. The Tsavo national park Kenya safari can be done on both sides if you have enough safari time or can be done on only one side. The guest has to pay separate Park entry fees to access both. Each Tsavo national park side has its own gates where guests clear the park entry fees from before entering to the park.

The park’s famousness is based on the large herds of African red dusted Elephants. The red Elephants which roam freely in their natural habitants are easily seen during your Tsavo national park Kenya safari. They are also viewed along the Galana River where they like sprinkling their young ones with water. The vegetation of the park that is characterised by semi-arid climatic conditions favour animal viewing very well. The short grass that cuts across all the two protected areas make it excellent for the game viewing. The park hosts the animals in large populations. The red Elephants are seen in the groups of over 100 in each family.

The Kenya safari to Tsavo national park is a perfect safari that can combine the beach life and wildlife experience. Its location in the coastal area makes it possible for the guests to kill two birds using one stone. The park is located in the highway from Nairobi to Mombasa. The highway is the one that divided the park to create two national parks those are Tsavo east national park and Tsavo West National park. The park has a wide range of attractions that makes your Tsavo national park Kenya safari a memorable wildlife experience. Your African wildlife safari come true when you get time to visit this national park.  This is the only safari which gives you great opportunity to encounter all the African big five at ease. The park hosts both Black and white Rhinos at the park and nearby community conservancies.  

The great topography that is composed of soaring volcanic hills, open rolling short savannah grasslands as well as the savannah plains offers a good vast area for exploration of the park. The park provides thrill active Kenya safari which is life time experience. The park is one of the few tourist destinations where you can enjoy viewing wildlife in unhurried or spoiled area. The combined but different topographic parks offer unique experiences to the guests during their safari to the park. 

Tsavo Kenya safari does not leave any stone in the wilderness unturned. The park is much gifted with nature that provides great sightseeing opportunities. The great attractions at the park like the Mzima Springs that produce 50million gallons of clear crystal water is worth a visit during your Tsavo national park Kenya safari. The natural springs under neath in the volcanic rough rocks are unique. The chyulu Hills which is not only the source of the water at the park but a good hiking destination for the guests. The Mzima springs also hosts a lot of hippos and different fish species.

The other unique and a must visit areas during Tsavo national park Kenya safari is the Chaimu Volcanic crater. It hosts a large schools of hippos and other water birds. This is the birders pride easily for the predator birds like Buzzards, eagles and others. The area is explored on foot with great silence through the hiking trails found at the area. You will not miss the animals during your walking at the trails. The walking safaris are done under the guidance and leadership of the park ranger who is armed. You will feel the steps of another planet when you are exploring the park on foot as the park ranger will be on the lead through the scenic geographical phenomena of the park.  You will be introduced to the different flora and funa that is found at the park. During your walking safari in Tsavo, you will encounter the world’s longest lava flow that is Yatta plateau. The plateau was formed from molten rock from Ol Doinyo Sabuk Mountain. You can extend you walk up to the Mudanda Rock which is rugged volcanic outcrop. On the base of these rocks are the water catmint areas that attract wide range of animals. The Red Elephants are always seen at the guard of these water areas. Other animals found are the hippos, crocodiles, Zebras, topis, wildebeests and many more. The walking safaris are good though it needs some good physical fitness in the guests I order to achieve the dreams. The walking safaris are part of Tsavo national park Kenya safari

Tsavo National Park Kenya safari
Kenya safari

Another classic part of Tsavo national park Kenya safari is game viewing. The game drives are done throughout the park. Game viewing is done any time of the year. The 4×4 wheel drive safaris cars are recommended for successful game viewing activity at the park. This gives you opportunity to encounter the wildlife in their natural habitats. With the help of our experienced driver guides, they will take you to the great spotting points for different wildlife. They know where to spot rare animals like Leopards, Rhinos at the park. Game drives are done in the morning or evening time, full day game drives are also excellent. Some of the animals viewed include: Zebras, hippos, giraffes, Cheetahs, leopards, Oryx, Buffaloes, Hyenas, Impala, Waterbuck, Kongoni and others. You will also not miss the wide range of bird species found at the park like Pied-Kingfishers, palmnut vultures, Knob-billed geese, African Skimmers, Lovebirds, eagles, buzzards and many others. 

Tsavo national park Kenya safari is lifetime wildlife experience that can be done any time of the year. We offer excellent safari packages to Tsavo national park at affordable rates.

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