Tsavo National Park location

Tsavo National Park location

Tsavo National Park location

Tsavo National Park location: Tsavo national park is one of the most popular national parks in Kenya that is found along the coastal region. Its closeness to the ocean has made it one of the easy gateway for the guests that prefer combining wildlife safaris with the beach safaris. Tsavo national park is composed of two national parks those are Tsavo East national park and Tsavo West National park. They are the oldest national parks of Kenya. The two national parks were both established at the same time, they were gazetted in 1948 April.  The park sits in the total land area of 22,812 square kilometres making it the largest national park in Kenya. Tsavo national park got its name from the famous Tsavo River that drains the park, it runs across all the park from West to East. The park was also nicknamed by the Arabs as “Man eater’s park” due to the high number of lions present at the park. 

Tsavo national park location

Tsavo national park location is found at the South Eastern part of Kenya close to the Coastal province of Kenya.  Its located in the semi-arid areas of Kenya which were formally called Taru Desert. Tsavo national park is located near the Voi Town which is the closest largest town around the park. The park is found in Taita-Taveta County which was the former prince of the Coat. Tsavo national park is divided in two two sections those are Tsavo East and Tsavo west by the highway A109  and the railway line. The combination of the railway line and the highway has made it easy to access the park cheap by use of private and public means. The highway passes in the middle of the park running from the Capital city of Kenya that is Niarobi to Dar es Salaam.  

The park can be accessed from both Nairobi and Mombasa depending on the location of the traveller at the time when he or she plans to start the safari from. The park can be accessed by different gates from different directions though the main used gates are from the North and the South. The distance of the park from Nairobi or Mombasa differs from Gate to gate.  If using the main highway of Nairobi-Mombasa road, the distance is 250 kilometres. This takes around 6 to 7 hours drive due to traffic control measures of the speed. If your in the coastal area of Mombasa it takes only few hours drive. You can also access the park as a continued Kenya safari that starts from Amboseli national park to Tsavo national park. If using this route you can enter to the park through the famous Chyulu gates passing through the scenic land of Chyulu hills. Tsavo national park entry gates include: Voi gate, Manyani gate, sala gate, Buchuma gate which are used to enter to the park through Tsavo East national park. On the other side of Weste Tsavo national park the key gates are: Chyulu gate, Mtito Gate, Man Eaters gate.

How to access Tsavo National park

The park is one of the few unique national parks in Kenya that can be easily accessed by both Road and railway. The park is crossed by the highway A109 that divides the park in to two sections. The good highway has made it easy for the travellers to easily locate the park since its just on the highway. The park can also be reached by the railway that operates daily. This is the cheapest way of accessing Tsavo national parks. 

On the other hand Tsavo national park can also be accessed by flights, Below are some of the ways to reach Tsavo national parks

By Road

Depending on where you are located, if in Nairobi you can board the public buses that operate daily in interval of 30 minutes from Nairobi to Mombasa. There are a wide range of buses that operate that route, you only need to book your bus ticket early. You can also start your journey from Mombasa or Malindi using the Western road C103. You can get the best Kenya experience using the local tour operators. This is the best way to access the park as your not only been driven but given detailed information while sighting key enroute tourist attraction like Cultural, historical sites and others.

By Railway

Tsavo national parks are some of the few national parks not only in Kenya but entire Africa which can be easily accessed by railway. This is the cheapest mode of transport in the entire world. The park is crossed by the railway line that takes you inside the park. The advantage of using this mode of transport is that you dodge the heavy traffic along the highways, you pass through remote areas of Kenya.

By Flight

 The large Tsavo national park has many airstrips that are distributed across the park. Both East and West Tsavo national parks have their own airstrips. In the East the airstrips include Voi airstrip, Satao airstrip, Aruba airstrip, Sala airstrip, Mopo airstrip, Bachuma airstrip and many others. If accessing the park by air from the West Tsavo national park you can land in any of the airstrips below: Tsavo Gate airstrip, Kamboyo airstrip, Jipe airstrip, Kasigau airstrip and many others. 

There are daily flights that operate from Wilson airport in Nairobi to Tsavo national parks. You can also book the flights from coastal area or any national or protected areas that can connect to the park.  

The park is bordered by the great Chyulu hills national park and mkomazi Game reserve of Tanzania. The park also borders the famous and the best community Conservancies of Kenya called the Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary and Taita Hills Game Sanctuary. Its close neighbouring to these protected area has contributed to the high population of wildlife at the park since they are located along the animal corridor 

Our detailed information about the Tsavo national park location shows more about how to access the park, the boundaries of the park and the key attractions of the park.

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