Tsavo National Park map

Tsavo National Park map

Tsavo National Park map

Tsavo national park map shows all the two national parks that makeup Tsavo national park. These two national parks include Tsavo East national park and Tsavo West national park. The two parks are divided by the highway road that runs from Nairobi to Mombasa (A109 road) Its accompanied by the express railway line that connects the cost to the interior of Kenya. The general Tsavo national park map shows the open large plains of the park with its different ecosystems, lodges and the boundaries.

The Tsavo national parks were nicknamed as Man eaters park due to the man-eating lions that are found at the park that killed several people who were constructing the railway line across the park. The combination of Tsavo East and Tsavo west national park formed the largest national park not only in Kenya but entire Africa. The two national parks have different ecosystems that ranges from the flat undulating open savannahs on the East to the hilly volcanic mountains on the West.

The Tsavo national park is one of the oldest protected areas in Kenya, it was established in 1948. Both Tsavo East and Tsavo west were all established at the same time in April 1948. The park got its name from the Tsavo river which is the main source of water to the wildlife in the park. The river flows across the park running from West to East. The Tsavo national park map also its boundaries from all directions. The park borders Chyulu hills national park and Mkomazi game reserve of Tanzania.

Location of Tsavo national park

Tsavo National park is located in the South East of Kenya near the Coastal province. They two parks that make up Tsavo National park covers a total land area of 22,812 square kilometres. Tsavo East taking the lions share with total land area of 13,747 square kilometres and the rest is covered by Tsavo West national park. The park can be easily accessed by road or railway from Nairobi along the Mombasa highway. The distance from Nairobi to the park gate varies from gate to gate but with standard distance of 250 kilometres using the main Nairobi- Mombasa road. You can also access the park when your in the costal side of Kenya along Mombasa which is just few hours drive. Other roads is through Amboseli national park that takes you through Chyulu gate. The park has many gates that are distributed throughout the parks like Manyani gate, Voi gate, Buchuma gate, sala gate and others for the any one entering the park through Tsavo East side and for those who may wish to enter to the park through Tsavo West can use: Mtito Gate, Chyulu gate, Man Eaters gate and others.

Our Tsavo national park map shows details of the entry gate from each side of the park that travellers can use. This guided Tsavo national park map is much detailed. 

Tsavo national park map also shows the different neighbourhoods of the park from all directions. Tsavo national park is bordered by the famous community conservancies called Taita Hills Game Sanctuary, Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary and others.

The Tsavo national park map show the two national parks that form Tsavo National parks, these are:

Tsavo East National park

The Tsavo East national park also known as “the theatre of the wild” is famous with its dust-red African Elephants that like rolling, wallowing and spraying themselves with the red dusty soils at the park. In the evening time they like playing along the blue waters of the Galana River. The Galana river has its majestic scenic views of the blue waters at night time. The Tsavo East national park is dominated by the 300 kilometres Yatta plateau that runs across the park. The Yatta plateau is the longest lava flow not only in Kenya but entire world. Tsavo East is the largest and oldest protected area in Kenya covering a total land area of 13747 kilometres squared. Its much popular with the red dusty Elephants that are seen in large herds, other game include lions, waterbucks, kudu, crocodiles, hippos, leopards, zebras, giraffes, gerenuk and many more. It also hosts over 500 bird species that are recoded at the park.

Tsavo West National park

The land of Lava, springs, Magical sunsets and the Man-Eaters is the Tsavo West national park. This is one of the parks that form Tsavo national park, it covers a total land area of 9,065 square kilometres. The park is much famous for its unique sight of fifty million gallons of crystal clear water that is pushed from the underground of the lava rock. The Mzima springs and the Shetani lava flows are the key attractions in Tsavo West national park. The park is also known for the Man eating lions that killed many people during the construction of the Nairobi Mombasa highway. Other game at the park include Cheetahs, lions, hippos, Elephants, Rhinos, leopards, Buffaloes, zebras, Giraffes and others. They park also hosts over 400 bird species and diversified plant species.

Our Tsavo national park map is typical guide for guests especially first time travellers to the park. All the detailed information helps you to know where the gates are located, where game drives are done, your expectations for your safari and others. It also shows the boundaries of the parks, accommodations or lodges that are found inside the park.

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