Tsavo River in Tsavo national park


Tsavo River in Tsavo national park :  Tsavo national park is the most enjoyful national park, that is the most tourists usually visit the park, because of the various attractions like the wildlife that is animals, birds and other features like rocks, springs and the rivers. The Tsavo river in Tsavo national park is among the major tourism attractions in the park due to the river is the spotting sight of various animal species in the park, the river provides the water to the species in the Tsavo park, the Tsavo river is the great area in the park where some activities can be done along the river like the nature walks, game viewing. Tsavo national park delivered its name from the Tsavo River.

Tsavo River is located in the coast province of Kenya. It runs east from the western end of the Tsavo West National park of Kenya, near the border of Tanzania, until it joins with the Athi River, forming the Galana River near the centre of the park, this river is the main contributor to the watershed of the lower portion of the park region, and is a home to abundant fish. The Tsavo River is the site of the 1898 Tsavo Maneaters incident.

River Tsavo is the main source of water in the park for feeding the park animals, as it runs to both the Tsavo East national park and the Tsavo West national park on its way joining Athi river river to form the Galana river, Galana river has its origins in the south eastern Kenya highlands and on its way it to the lndian ocean where it pours its water it flows through Tsavo East national park. The Galana river is infested with the crocodiles which are mesmering to watch while on a Kenya Wildlife viewing safaris in Tsavo East national park.

Tsavo River in Tsavo national park
Tsavo River

River Tsavo in Tsavo national park acts as a habitant that gives it an open room to host a wider range of different species of animals due to its vegetation ranges from the rocky mountainous to the lower swampy areas, the Tsavo River is the most source of fish in the Tsavo National park that is the river provides the food to the people of Tsavo,  as well as it improves on the economy of the people of Tsavo because after getting the  fish from the river it can be sold which helps Tsavo people to earn a living. The Tsavo National park is considered as the one of the biodiversity strongholds not only in Kenya but the entire world due to unique ecosystem in the park.

Best Time to visit the River Tsavo.

Tsavo River can be visited all the time during the year, but the best period to visit the river is during the dry months of from June to October and January to February, during this period of time the water levels can be reduced as also it favours wildlife viewing while they have come at the river to search for water.

How to get from Nairobi to Tsavo National park.

Tsavo national park can be accessed by using both the flight and the road means of transport.

By Road means.

It takes around 325km/201 mi from Nairobi and 250km/155mi from Mombasa, you can drive to the reserve from Nairobi, Mombasa or another park depending on your itinerary, this takes you 7:30 hours then from there you can proceed to the Tsavo River.

By Flight means.

From Nairobi to Tsavo national park there are no scheduled flights to the park, but there are several airstrips available for the chartered flights. There are two most useful international airports in Kenya which are the Jomo Kenyatta international airport (NBO) 15km/9mi southeast of Nairobi and the smaller Moi International Airport (MBA) 9km/6mi west of Mombasa. Here Charter flights between parks are generally reserved for you by your operator if you are on an organized Kenya tour, then to various airstrips in the park like Voi, Aruba, Satao, lthumba airstrips then to Tsavo River, the distance is 203km(126mi) which takes 15 minutes.

Tsavo River in Tsavo national park
Tsavo River

The Tsavo National park is popular for its scenic features not only the Tsavo River, other features includes the Muanda rocks, Lugard falls, the Yatta plateau (it is about 290km long and is one of the world’s longest lava flows), the Aruba dam (was built in 1952 across the Voi river and attracts many animals and water birds), as well as the Athi River which also attract various animals and birds in the park hence attracting tourists and making Tsavo National park the most unique national park in Kenya because of the various features which the park has.

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