Tsavo West National Park accommodation

Tsavo West National Park accommodation

Tsavo west national park accommodation

Tsavo west national park accommodation: Tsavo west national park has many accommodations with all the option with some of the Tsavo west national park accommodation located inside the park while others outside the park. The three categories of Tsavo west national park accommodation give guest chance to choice the rightful lodge according to their budget. The life time Tsavo west national park safaris is directly determined by the level of comfort and service delivery from the the accommodation chosen.

Most of the Tsavo west national park accommodation are built using local materials that are environmental friendly so as to continue the conservation of nature at the park. Choosing the best accommodation is always one of the challenges the travellers face since most of these lodges are more accredited online compared to the actual ground. If you choose the accommodation online and after reaching you find that it does not fit your personal taste, this may affect your safari experience psychologically. 

Tsavo west national park is the second largest and the oldest national park in Kenya. Its large size has attracted more investors to set up proper accommodation facilities at the park. It also has some old fashion accommodations that were built long time by the Arabs.

We have great Tsavo west national park safari packages that are all inclusive covering accommodation and other services. We do this in order to give our guests the best services as we select the best lodges around the park. We have got a good number of lodges which we have signed contract agreements. We have got special rates on behalf of the guests hence making the travellers to pay less but enjoying high class services. The cost of the safari is always affected by the accommodation level. That Tsavo west national park accommodation has been categorised and classified by the Kenya Wildlife Services. The classification is based on the services offered, amenities present and the type and number of the rooms. There are three categories of Tsavo west national park accommodation. The ministry used stars for grading these accommodations.

The first category is the budget lodges

These are 1 to 2 star lodges found at the park. Most of the budget lodges are camps and majority of them are located outside the park. They charge budget costs that ranges from 70 to 100usd. The budget tents have small rooms, small beds, shared bathrooms, no wifi. Some outside the park are guest houses which were at some point peoples homes and later turned in to business guest houses due to increase demand of accommodation at the park. Some of the budget lodges that we recommend include: Finch Hattons Camp, Galdessa Camp, Rhino Valley Lodge, Lake Jipe Safari Camp and many more.

The second category are the Mid-range class accommodations

These are the most recommended lodges in most of the national parks not only Tsavo national park. They are the best as they give great value for the money with great service delivery yet they are affordable. They are 3 to 4 star lodges which are in form of lodges and some are safari tented camps. They have the best service delivery and are mostly located inside the park along the animal corridors.  The middle class accommodation have more amenities compared to budget accommodations. Some of the amenities are: large self contained rooms, private showers with hot and cold waters, wifi, some have swimming pools, laundry services, good restaurants with both local and international dishes, DSTV in the rooms, well stocked bars and many more.

The Mid-range lodges provide good level of comfort with the maximum privancy compared to the budget lodges. The lodges or tents have their own balcony and netted a distance from each other. Some of the mid-range lodges we recommend in Tsavo West national park include: Man Eaters Camp, Ashnil Aruba, Severin Safari Lodge, Voi Safari Lodge, Voyager Ziwani Camp and many more.

The last category of Tsavo West national park accommodation are the luxury lodges.

These are high end or upmarket lodges that are built in the international levels. They are bush homes away from home, they are five star lodges with supper luxury amenities. They provide the traveller with the highest level of comfort which makes the guest to feel more than home while at the middle of the African juggle. Tsavo West national park accommodation has more of these luxury lodges. They are built in permanent lodges if tented safari camps they are supper and classic. Some of them are in form of Cottages with more family rooms built in multi-level standard.  Their rooms can double the mid-range lodges with mini bars inside the rooms, DSTV inside, wifi, en-suite bathrooms with both Hot and cold showers. The rooms have king size beds that fit a couple, some rooms are double, triple, twin. The rooms are categorised in Standard rooms, deluxe rooms and superior rooms. Each rooms are charged different fees however much they are all in the same lodge. Their services in any of the rooms are the same, excellent and great giving travellers enough relaxing rest after the great long day in the bush. We mostly recommend these lodges for the elderly people. The lodge has extra amenities like sauna, gym, swimming pools and many more. This is a relaxing and socialization place where different travellers come and share their daily African experience while on a safari. 

Some of the luxury lodges in Tsavo West national park include: Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge, Lions Bluff lodge, Severin safari lodge, Hunters Lodge, Voyager Ziwani Safari camp, Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge and many more.

These luxury lodges are located along the animal zones with great views of the low lying plains of the park. This makes you enjoy game viewing even at the time of relaxing at your balcony. For example Kilaguni Serena safari lodge gives you a good views of the Chyulu hills and even Mt Kilimanjaro in the clear days. Most the luxury lodges are situated in the private sanctuary close to the game viewing areas. 

Tsavo West National Park accommodation
Tsavo West National Park accommodation

To choose the best Tsavo West national park accommodation, you need a good guidance from the local tour operators. That is why our guests always enjoy the best African safaris because we choose the best accommodation for them depending on their proposed budget. The team of our product developers or tour consultants monitor all our contract accommodations and get feedback from the guests so as to keep the standard of the services at the same level or even higher.

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