What is Tsavo National Park Known for?

Tsavo West National Park animals

Tsavo West National Park animals

Tsavo west national park animals are the primary attraction that is found at the park. The remote location of the park at the semi-desert area of Taru Desert directly contributes to a large number of animals at the park. Like any park in Africa, Tsavo West national park safaris rely mostly in Game viewing. Tsavo west national park is the second largest national in Kenya after its neighbor Tsavo East National park. Tsavo West national park is one of the outstanding protected area in Kenya. The park is endowed with large number of animals both Carnivores and Herbivores. The “Land of Lava, Springs, Man-eaters and Magical Sunsets” is home of all the five members of African big five (lions, leopards, buffalo, rhinos and Elephants).  

The park is dominated by different habitants that gives it an open room to host a wide range of different species of animals. The vegetation ranges from the rocky mountainous to the lower swampy areas in River Tsavo. Most of the park is dominated by the open savannah grasslands dotted with the Acacia trees. The different habitants at the park has attracted more rare animals like Lesser Kundus at the park. 

Tsavo west national park animal’s popularity is dominated by the lions also known as Man-eaters that killed more Arabs during the construction of the A109 highway and the railway line. The large open bush has made it easy for the predators to leave amicably. The park also homes other members of the big cats like leopards, cheetahs, jennet cats and many more. The numbers of the big cats is more making it very possible for the travellers to have chances of viewing them during their game viewing time at the park. 

Tsavo west national park animals are all permanent residents hence making the travellers to enjoy game viewing throughout the year. This has created all year around Tsavo west national park safaris. Not like other protected areas like Masai mara national reserve which is more popular because of the wildebeest migration. However much the popularity of the park is also based on the scenic views at the park especially the fifty million gallons of water that comes underneath the rocky areas. The park animals are divided in to two categories those are the carnivores and herbivores. The herbivores take the lions share at the park contributing almost 70 to 80 percent of the Tsavo west national park animals. The major herbivores at the park include: Giraffes, buffaloes, Elephants, Kobs, Gazelles, Zebras, Rhinos, Lesser Kudu, Wildebeests, Elands, Topis, Dik-dik and many more.   

The second category of Tsavo west national park animals are the Carnivores which is dominated by the big Cats family and the dog or canine family. This takes the least percentage amounting to only 20 percent of the total animal population at the park. The carnivores at the park include: Lions, leopards, Cheetahs, jackals, African wild dogs, Hyenas and many more. Most of the travellers who came to African national parks mostly want to view and experience the predators especially the big cats. These are the key attractions at Tsavo national park. 

Other Tsavo west national park animals include the aquatic animals like Hippos and crocodiles. The park has large schools of hippos and large crocodiles along the famous Tsavo River. More hippos are also found at the dam that was artificially dug at the park. During you game drives you can enjoy viewing hippos sun bathing at the sores of the water pool alongside the crocodiles. 

When discussing more about the Tsavo west national park animals, we should not forget the near Rhino ranch. The Ngulia Sanctuary is one of the unmisable attractions where the rare Black rhinos are found. 

Best time of game viewing in Tsavo west national park.

Game viewing is the only way the travellers enjoy unique experience of the wildlife. Getting close to the Tsavo west national park animals is done using the Safari cars with open roofs.  Game viewing in Tsavo west national park is done any time of the year. The animals at the park are always available since they are permanent residents. The probability of the seeing the animals are higher during the dry season when the grass at the park are lower. The animals also collect around water catchment areas during the dry season. Its every travellers dream to see as much animals at the park as possible during their safari. The experience of the wildlife safaris differed from one traveller to another depending on the local tour operator used. Some operators have more experienced driver guides than others hence making their guests enjoy more wildlife viewing compared to others. 

 Besides Tsavo west national park animals there are also more than 400 bird species at the park. For example: River warbler, red-backed Shrike, Marsh warbler, Eastern black-headed oriole, Corncrake, starlings, Golden pipit, African finfoot. This gives the traveller an added wildlife experience as they have chances to view even birds during the game viewing. If one is typical birder then the traveller has to have longer trips at Tsavo West national park. 

Tsavo West National Park animals
Tsavo West National Park animals

Game viewing remains one of the best activity at the park of Man-eaters. To achieve the best wildlife experience you should have more relevant information about the park like weather of Tsavo national park, Attractions at Tsavo West national park, Parking list and others. For details please always contact our tour consultants who will provide you with detailed information about Tsavo West national park.

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