Tsavo West national park fees

Tsavo West national park fees

Tsavo West national park fees: Tsavo west national park the land of man eaters is a popular tourist destination in Tanzania a thriving habitant for many wildlife, this beautiful national park is situated in the coastal province of Kenya covering an area of 9,065 square kilometers under the governance of Kenya wildlife service. Tsavo west national park is part of Tsavo conservation area together with Tsavo east national park, the park is a habitant for many tourist attractions such as Mzima springs, wildlife and many other attractions which attract many tourists to the park.

Tsavo west national park is open for tourists visiting it for a safari, the park is categorized as Wilderness national park by Kenya wildlife services which is responsible for drafting fees which are charged to all tourists visiting the park.  Tsavo west national park fees are categorized and charged according to the status of the tourists that is citizens, foreign residents and foreign non-residents.

Tsavo west national park fees are as follows

Park fees

Park fees in Tsavo west national park are charged to any tourist accessing the park for a safari.

 Status Fees
Citizens Adult 515 (KSHS)
Children 215 (KSHS)
Residents Adult 1,030 (KSHS)
Children 515 (KSHS)
Non-residents Adult 52 (US$)
Children 35 (US$)

Note: park fees and game drive activity in Tsavo west national park are charged as one item meaning upon paying for park fee you are entitled to a game/ wildlife viewing in the park

Activity fees

Game drive activity in Tsavo west national park are not charged as an activity, its fees are included with park fees.

Activities Fees Kshs
Horse riding KWS horses excluding rider 2,585
Private horses per day 1,030
Night game drives 2,155
Security Guided tours Security guided tours (per guide up to 4 hours ) 1,720
Security/guided tours(per guide over 4 hours ) 3,015
Walking safaris 1, 500

Scenic safaris

Citizens Residents Non – residents (US$)
Adult Children/ students Adult Children/ students Adult Children/ students
300 125 600 255 22 13


Annual passes

 Annual passes are paid on an annual basis

Status Fees (Kshs)
Adult annual pass 43,100
Child annual pass 10,340
Corporate annual pass 103,440
Tor driver personalized annual pass 6,000

Vehicle and aircraft fees

Many tourists travelling to Tsavo west national park use either private and safari cars and aircrafts, these cars and crafts are charged per day while in the park and per landing to aircrafts.

Type of the vehicle Seating capacity and weight Fees in kshs
Tourist vehicles Less than 6 seats 300
6-12 seats 1,030
13-24 seats 2,585
25-44 seats 4,050
45 and above 5,000
Trunk and delivery vehicles PSV’s < 6 Seats & Commercial vehicle < 2 tons 10,000
PSV’s > 13 Seats & Commercial vehicle > 5 tons 10,000
PSV’s 6 – 12 Seats & Commercial vehicle 2 – 5 tons 10,000
PSV’s 6 – 13 Seats & Commercial tour vehicle  (not stationed in the park 60,000
Vehicles stationed in the park Less than 3 seats 300
3-6 seats 500
7-14 seats 1,000
21 seats and above 3,015
Aircraft Less than 3 seats 300
3-6 seats 500
7-14 seats 1,000
21 seats and above 3,015


Special services

Special services in Tsavo west national park that is event security and vehicle recovery are charged as follows

Event security per section of ranger 7,5000 kshs
Vehicle recovery inside the park 7,500


Camping fees

Tourists with intentions of camping in the plains Tsavo west national park are charged  a fee according to the type of campsite you are to spend the night. These fees are charged per night and per individual.

Type of campsite Citizens (KSHS) Residents (KSHS)  Non-residents


Adult Children Adult Children Adult Children
Special camp site 250 200 600 350 35 20
Public campsite 200 150 350 200 20 15

For campers reservation fees and cancellation fees are charged, these fees are non-refundable

                Reservation fees – 7500 KSHS

                Cancellation fees – 7500 KSHS

Critical points to note while on your safari in Tsavo west national park

  • Before you are allowed into the park proof of identification is required at the offices of Kenya wildlife society in Tsavo west national park
  • Fees charged at Tsavo west national park are charged depending on the status of the tourist that is foreign resident, foreign non- resident, Kenyan resident, east African community citizen, child/ student or an adult.

Foreign residents – are individuals residing in Kenya with valid documents from the offices of Kenyan government

Foreign non- residents – are individuals residing outside of Kenya and east African community countries

Citizens – are individuals living in Kenya with valid Kenyan national IDs or a passport.

Students – are individuals from a recognized secondary, government or private college and university aged up to 23 years of age. Student with an intention of visiting Tsavo west national park with a purpose of learning about conservation has to submit in their request to Kenya Wildlife society in a minimum of 2-3 weeks before the day your safari starts for an authorization, student fees is only granted to students on an organized group tour.

Children – are individuals from the age of 3 and below 18 years of age.

  • Always follow park rules and regulations as drafted by Kenya wildlife society, these rules and regulations include
    • Always stay in your car except designated picnic and observation areas
    • While on a game drive do not feed the animals
    • Do not litter in the park
    • Respect the privacy of the animals

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