Tsavo West National Park Gates

Tsavo West National Park Gates

Tsavo West National Park Gates

Tsavo West National park gates are the entry points where guests can use to access the African wilderness. This also acts as checkpoints area where the park clearance is done for the guests. Travellers has to clear with the park authorities at the park gates before you are allowed to enter to the park. The gates are distributed across the park in all directions to ease the accessibility of the park from different directions. Your entry through Tsavo west national park gates is a starting point of your Kenya safari (Tsavo West national park safari)

Tsavo west National park is among the premium national parks in Kenya that receives high number of travellers annually. Its one of the highlights of your Kenya wildlife safari. The nick name is “Man eater’s park” due to the great population of lions which killed many railway constructors during the construct of the East African railway. It’s the second largest protected area after its counterpart Tsavo East national park. It covers a total land area of 9,065 square kilometres. Its one of the few parks that are found adjacent to the Coastal area.

All the Tsavo west national park gates are easily accessed by good roads from different corners of Kenya depending on the location of the guests. One has not to move around to only enter the park through the main gate but can use any of the gates. The main park gate is called Mtito Andei Gate which is found along the Nairobi- Mombasa high way (A109 Road) Tsavo West national park gates are 5 in total which are used by travellers to access the park. 

Below are the 5 Tsavo west national park gates:

Mtito Andei gate

Mtito Andei gate is one of the Tsavo west national park gates. It’s the main gate located on the Western part of Tsavo west national park. It got its name from the village name Mtito Andei where the gate is located.  The gate is located in Makueni County in the village of Mtito Andei. This is one of the direct gate that can be accessed by both Road, railway and flight. It also homes the park head offices of Kenya Wildlife Services. The gate can be accessed by road, its 233 kilometres by Road south east of the capital City Nairobi. The nearest town to the gate is Mtito Andei town which is managed by the town council. Andei gate is one of the two Tsavo west national park gates that are found at this park. The gate also has some craft shops and refreshing points where guests can do small shopping for the gifts for their beloved ones. Public toilets are also available at Mtito Andei gate.

Maktau North gate

Martau North Gate is one of the most popular entrances (Gate) of Tsavo West national park. Its location along the highway just near the busy town of Maktau. Its found few kilometres off the famous Voi-Taveta highway which is the most used route by tourist that are going to Tsavo national park. Though only challenge with this gate is that it’s not fully developed with limited tourists facilities available at the moment.  Maktau North gate is located in the South Eastern part of Tsavo west national park. It can be accessed by road in the Voi-Taveta highway. Alternatively the traveller can also access the gate through a domestic flight directly to Maktau airstrip.  

Maktau South Gate

Maktau South gate is located opposite the Maktau North Gate. This is one of most developed Tsavo west national park gates. Compared to its counterpart its larger than Maktau North gate. It has most of the tourist facilities like toilets and refreshing centre. It hosts the Kenya wildlife service’s ranger outpost as well as the Kenya Wildlife Services headquarters for the Southern part of Tsavo West national park. The gate is located in the South-Eastern border of Maktau town just walkable distance crossing the Voi-Taveta road. You can make credit card payments at this gate, get more detailed information about Tsavo West national park. It can also be accessed by road or flight to the Maktau airstrip that services both Maktau North gate and Maktau South Gate.

Tsavo Gate

Tsavo gate is located on the North eastern part of Tsavo West national park. Its just few minutes’ drive off the famous A109 Nairobi – Mombasa highway. Tsavo gate and Mtito Andei are the two key gates that most tourists who start their Tsavo national park safari from Nairobi use. The gate is located south of the main gate Mtiti Andei gate. Its among the fully developed gate with tourist facilities and the Kenya wildlife services offices. You can make your park entry fee payment in this gate using your credit card. You can get any needed assistance from the park rangers incase you went on yourself drive safari. The gate is among the best Tsavo national park gates located at the edge of Tsavo West national park with Tsavo East national park starts across the road. It is found at the high hence easily accessed using even public means. You can also use a flight directly to Tsavo Airstrip.

Tsavo West National Park Gates
Tsavo West National Park Gates

Lake Jipe Gate

Lake Jipe is the least used Tsao west national park gate. Its remotely located in the shores of the Jipe Lake one of the key draining water body at the park. The gate also has ranger post, tourist facilities. The gate is mostly used by travellers who fly in the park through Lake Jipe airstrip which is located at the gate. This is unique gate which is located inside the park where all flying in guests can be cleared before being picked up by their driver guides. 

Please note that all the park entry fees are prepaid through the bank before you go to Tsavo West national park. They park authority does not accept cash, alternatively the guest can make payments using credit card at the park gates. The Tsavo west national park gates are the only entry and exit points for the park.

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