Tsavo west national park Kenya

Tsavo west national park Kenya

Tsavo west national park Kenya

Tsavo West national park Kenya commonly known as the land of Man eaters, springs, Lava and magical Sunset is the second largest national park in Kenya after Tsavo East National park. The park is part of the great Tsavo national park conservation area. Tsavo West national park Kenya which is also called Tsavo West national park covers a total land area of 9,065 square kilometres. Its cut off from Tsavo East national park with the A109 highway that runs from the capital Nairobi to Mombasa together with the railway express that cuts the park in the middle.  The park is famous of the traditional long ago man eaters the lions which killed many Railway contractors at this area. Tsavo West national park Kenya habits the clear crystal water also known as the Fifty million gallons of crystal water. The clear crystal water comes from underground in the punches of the rough mountains at the park. These are volcanic rocks made up of lava, they are some of the scenic view points at the park. The other unique attraction at the park at the Shetani lava flows and Mazima springs which are found at the heart of the park.

Tsavo West national park Kenya is more mountainous than its counterpart Tsavo East National park Kenya. Its also wetter than Tsavo East national park due to the influence of the mountains at the park.

This park was established on 1st April 1948 together with Tsavo East National park. Tsavo West national park Kenya is more popular than Tsavo East National park due to the great scenic beauty at the park. The park also hosts a large species of animals and birds that attracts more tourist to the park. Its bordered by famous wildlife ranches where both Black and white Rhinos are found. The presence of these ranches has made the park to have a complete list of all the African Big 5 in Tsavo national park (lions, leopards, buffaloes, Elephants and Rhinos). The park is dominated by the open savannahs as well as the bush thickets that habits different species of wildlife. Some of the wildlife found at the park are: leopards, lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Rhinos, Giraffes, Kudu, Zebras, Gerenuk, Hippos, Crocodiles, Hyenas, Cheetahs, Gazelles, Dik-dik, Jackals, African hunting dogs, foxes, Oryax and many more. Birders also enjoy a long list of bird species like Basra reed wabler, Secretary bird, Corncrake, Vultures, Francolin, Herons, King fisher, Wood hoppoe, Starlings, Lover bird, Martial eagles, Mourning dove and many more.

Location of Tsavo West national park Kenya  

Tsavo West national park Kenya is one of the protected areas that is located in the South Eastern part of Kenya bordering the Coastal Area. The park lies on the famous former Taru Desert which is characterised by the Semi-arid climate. The park is easily accessed by road or air from either the capital city Nairobi. If the guests are found in Nairobi it takes only few hours drive through good tarmacked road that runs from Nairobi to Mombasa through the middle of the park. The distance covered is 240 kilometres south East of Nairobi through A109 via Voi gate. You can also drive from the busy city of Mombasa which is just a throw of the stone to the park. You can also accessed the park by flights with daily flights from Wilson airport in Nairobi or in Mombasa. 

Local tour operators have full packages of Tsavo West national park Kenya safari which eases the travellers doubts on how to access the park. The self-drive guests can access detailed road map of the routing and location of the park with all its entry points or gates. You can access the park using public means or private means as well as the railway. When coming to the park through Nairobi one can use the following gates: Tsavo gate, Chyulu gate, Ziwani gate, Mtito Andei gate and Maktau gate. You can also use the park main gate that is Mtito Andei gate which is mostly easily accessed when coming from Mombasa.

If using flights there are several airstrips found across the park some are located outside the park but close top the entry gates. Some of the airstrips include: Ziwani airstrip, Jipe airstrip, Tsavo gate airstrip, Kilaguni airstrip, Finch Hottons airstrip, Kamboyo airstrip and Maktau airstrip.

Attractions in Tsavo West National park Kenya.

Tsavo West National park Kenya is gifted by nature, the park is surrounded by great scenic lava rocks, water crystals and wildlife. There are several attractions that contribute to the lifetime excitement and memories of the wilderness while on your safari to this park. Below are the highlights of Tsavo West National park Kenya attractions:

The Poacher’s lookout

This was once a spotting grounds of animals by the poachers at the park. This was done before the park was gazetted as protected area. The hill is located in the center of the park where traveller can have 360 degrees view of the park. You will see different animals at a good range with your clear binoculars while are at close range. The hill has retained its name as poacher’s hill but now used by guests at the park during their game viewing.

Animals and birds

The park is a home of different Animal species that includes all members of African big 5 (Lions, leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes and Rhinos) The nearby ranches habit both Black and White Rhinos. The animals at the park are permanent residents hence making game drives to be more rewarding any time of the year. The park hosts animals in large population like Wildebeests, Zebras, Cheetahs, Giraffes, topis, kudu, Jackals, Hyenas, Impala, African wild dogs and many others. Tsavo West National park Kenya has over 400 bird species that are distributed across different vegetation covers at the park. The different habitants at the park has created to this large species of birds that range from water birds to forest birds. Some of the birds include: Red-backed Shrike, River warbler, Corncrake, Eastern black-headed oriole, starlings, African finfoot, Golden pipit, Marsh warbler and many more.

Tsavo west national park Kenya
Tsavo west national park

Mazima Springs

This is where fifty million gallons of clear crystal water comes out from. It’s a unique destination at the park and entire African continent. Babbling water coming from underground in lava rocks. Its sightseeing point which cannot be missed during your safari at this park. Get a chance to experience the wonders of this world during your safari here.

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