What Is Samburu National Park Famous For?

What Is Samburu National Park Famous For? Samburu national park is located in the northern region of Kenya and it spans over a total surface area of about 165 square kilometers. Samburu national park is situated in a distance of about 350 from Nairobi and stands at an elevated area which has an altitude that ranges between 800 and 1230 meters above the sea level and it good adventurous destination that tourists must visit while on their safari in the country because it is famously to be a home to the special five which include; leopards, lions, elephants, reticulated giraffe, grevy’s zebras among others and it is also seen as a top birding destination due to the fact that it hosts of over 450 bird species that bird lovers can sight see as they tour around the park and some of the birds include; the vulturine guinea fowl, taita falcon, lesser kestrel and many others. more so, this national park is dominated by stunning landscapes and exploring around this national park blesses one with an authentic African safari experience by capturing classic views of breathtaking views of beautiful physical features such as; the Ngiro river where they get to encounter with the rare and many endangered species therefore a safari in Samburu national park never ceases to amaze the visitors and some of the reasons include the following below;

What Is Samburu National Park Famous For? Animals to see in Samburu National Park.

Samburu national park is of one the game parks in the country, which has incredible biodiversity, and it is a home to a wide array of wildlife species. therefore, exploring within different areas around this park gives people chances to see many animal species such as; African buffalos, cheetahs, lions, leopards, reticulated giraffes, grevys zebras that are characterized because of their narrow stripes and the large round ears, hippos, wildebeests, white rhinos, black rhinos, beisa oryx that is seen as an enigmatic animal which is a large antelope that has striking black and white facial markings, straight horns and many others. more so, this makes Samburu national park is cool destination for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers because of its attractions and cool green vegetation in the surrounding and this helps these individuals to capture the interplay between various wildlife species, stunning water bodies and natural back drops around the park.

What Is Samburu National Park Famous For? : Birds.

Samburu national park is also seen as a birders haven due to the fact that it harbours various bird species which makes it a perfect destination for bird lovers to visit and some of the bird species in the park include; vulturine Guinea fowl, lilac breasted roller, Somali ostrich, southern ground hornbill, bustard, black-faced sand grouse, black winged stilt, grey crowned crane, Kori bustard, grey headed king fisher, golden headed kingfisher, martial eagle, marabou stork, black capped social weaver, common ostrich, white bellied bustard, white headed mouse bird, yellow necked spur fowl, columbidae, lesser flamingo, starlings, larks, woodpeckers, Darnauds barbet and many others.

What Is Samburu National Park Famous For?
Yellow necked spur fowl

In addition, aside Samburu national park being known for its rare endangered wildlife species, it is also celebrated for its mesmerizing landscapes because it is located within the Great Rift Valley hence enabling visitors to capture classic views of stunning vistas of the jagged hills, meandering rivers, rocky crops among others. More so, within this park, there is Ewaso Ngiro River, which is considered the lifeblood of the park, and it flows through the rugged terrain hence creating oases of greenery and acts as good natural habitat to many animals and water birds.

More so, due to the fact that Samburu national park lies with the semi-arid region, this park has a cool climate which is hot and dry and conditions prevailing throughout the year. There is also the scrubland and acacia forests that act to be good natural habitats to many wildlife species.

Tourists exploring within this park and for those who choose to visit in the neighbouring communities always get opportunities to interact with the local people “the Samburu people” that are known to be a diverse ethnic group with rich cultural traditions therefore associating with these individuals gives visitors chances to learn more about the culture, way of lifestyle, customs and many other things about these people and also get to watch their exciting dance performances among others.

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