What Is The Largest Refugee Camp In The World Of Kenya?

What Is The Largest Refugee Camp In The World Of Kenya? Kakuma refugee camp is ranked to be Kenya’s largest haven of displaced people and it is located in the northwestern region of Kenya. This refugee camp was officially established in 1992 and the Kenyan department of Refugee affairs and UNHCR is jointly managing it.  Kakuma is also considered to be among the largest refugee settlements in the whole world, which serves as a home to individuals who flee from their countries of origin due to conflicts, persecution and many other instabilities, which result from various corners of the world. Kakuma refugee camp is famously known for its diverse population of refugees and sprawling expanse. More so, this refugee settlement has earned its reputation whereby it is recognized as a symbol of both the challenges and solutions inherited due to the refugee crisis worldwide.


for tourists planning to travel on their safari to Kenya to visit within this refugee settlement are encouraged on how it is important to understand more about the significance of Kakuma refugee camp, therefore individuals can delve more into its historical roots where they can get opportunities to learn many things. For example; during the 1990s, it was recorded that Sudan was embroiled in a civil war, which led many Sudanese to move into their neighbouring countries seeking for their safety. More so, Kenya had to collaborate with the United Nations high commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) with the main aim to establish Kakuma refugee camp during in 1992. In addition, this refugee settlement was put up with the main purpose of providing accommodation to Sudanese refugees who fled from their homelands because of violence.

Geographical Location.

Many tourists commonly visit Kakuma refugee camp because it is strategically located in northwestern region of Kenya in Turkana County within the arid and semi-arid lands. Due to the strategic location of this refugee settlement, unfornately it also faces a lot of challenges that affect people during their stay. However, it offers many opportunities to the residents such as; good health care services, education and many others. More so, this area is noticed to have harsh climate and remoteness pose logistical hurdles for humanitarian operations.  This refugee settlement is situated in vast open spaces hence providing more space for expansion and suitable development initiatives.

Kakuhuma refugee’s camp is a destination that portrays a culture significance, which is a melting pot of cultures and exploring around this area, gives you chances to with interact with the local people and ethnicities. In addition, this camp is a home of individuals who fled from their own countries of origin such as; the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and many others.  More so, this refugee settlement has a rich diversity that is surrounded with lush green vegetation.

What Is The Largest Refugee Camp In The World Of Kenya?
Dadaab Refugee Camp

Infrastructure and Services.

Kakuma Refugee camp is situated in a remote area, which boasts a wide range of infrastructure, which offer good services to all their guests. In addition, all these lodging facilities aim at basic needs within their habitants. More so, this refugee settlement is divided into several sectors whereby each residential area comprises including; schools, markets, healthcare facilities and administrative offices.

The UNHCR which works together with many other humanitarian organizations  with the main purpose of providing  of food assistance, healthcare, education and many livelihood opportunities to the refugee population. Education services are available within schools around this the refugee camp are being operated by both   UNHCR and partner organizations. In addition, these schools some offer formal education up to the secondary level. More so, they are also vocational training schools that which provide programs that equip refugees with many skills for self-reliance and future integration. In addition, in this camp there are also many healthcare services, which are best provided within clinics, hospitals, which have medical professionals that ensure all patients, get access to primary care, maternal health services and treatment for chronic illnesses.

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