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Where In Kenya Is Amboseli National Park Located?

Where In Kenya Is Amboseli National Park Located? Amboseli National park is located in the Southern part in Kenya sharing boarders with other countries like Tanzania. This national park is about 356 kilometers or 226 miles from the Southeast of Nairobi. To access these game park tourists can take a drive of about 3 to 4 hours from Nairobi. More so, Amboseli National park is situated within the Northwestern part of Mount Kilimanjaro which is seen as the highest peak in Africa and there are different routes which individuals can use to be able to access the park such as; one can opt to use the Nairobi to Mombasa road or if one is from the South, you can use to coastal area of Mombasa.

Amboseli National park was established as national park in 1974 hence making it to be considered to be among the oldest national parks, which was first gazetted as a game reserve in 1906, and later, it was declared as UNESCO world Heritage in 1991 with a main purpose of protecting and conserving all the wildlife animals in the country. more so, this national park is famously known for hosting its large herds of elephants and it has so many attractions which lead many people to travel from many different parts of the world to visit within the park and some of these attractions include the following below;

Tourist Attractions in Amboseli National park.

Wildlife species.

Amboseli National park is known to be a home to many wildlife species that tourists can always sight see as they tour around park and game viewing is best done during the dry season when the animals are moving around the park searching for food despite during the wet season when they have a tendency to hide within their natural habitats and it becomes rare to see them. More so, these mammal species include; African elephants, leopards, lions, buffalos, giraffes, wildebeests, foxes, wild dogs, Oribi, Kudu, Dikdik, Gazelles, Topis, Hippos, Zebras among others.


Amboseli National park is also gifted with large population of about 420 bird species. In addition, the bird watching activities are best done during the rainy season, which is best period for the birds to breeding, which is between months of March and May and in November. Therefore, some of these birds include; Von der decken’s hornbill, Egrets, Flamingo, Pelicans, Herons, crowned cranes, steel-blue whydah secretary birds, lovebirds, Hartlaub’s bustard, pamgani long claw, Ostriches, white-bellied, starlings, secretary birds and many others.

Sinet delta.

Sinet Delta is located a few kilometers away from the Observation Hill, which is found in the North. This area is famously known as the best destination where tourists can go for the best birding experience. More so, Sinet delta is dominated with Acacia, which attracts many giraffes, and it is known as the good destination where tourists can capture classic views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Observation Hill.

Exploring around the Observation hill blesses tourists with chances to sight see many wildlife species and it is best destination where the walking safaris are best done within Amboseli National park and while at the summit, it allows you have great views of the park. More so, Observation hill derived its name from the pyramid-shaped hill, which is used, for the aerial and observation.

Where In Kenya Is Amboseli National Park Located?
Observation Hill

Lake Amboseli.

Amboseli National park derived its name from this lake. In addition, this lake is known to be a home too many swamp bird species and other mammal species. More so, Lake Amboseli is known to be a place to go for boat cruise activities and wildlife viewing because many animals are spotted along the lakeshore while drinking water to quench off their thirst and cool off their body temperatures.

Activities done in Amboseli National park.

Amboseli National Park is good destination where individuals can visit and get chances to engage in many interesting activities such as; bird watching, game viewing, boat cruise, guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with park guides. More so, they can participate in other activities like; hiking, community visits and cultural encounters and many others.

In addition, for tourists planning to travel to Amboseli National park can opt to use both air and road transport. Therefore, contact our tour operators in case of more information about where Amboseli National park is located and Book with our tours and travel companies such as; Focus East Africa tours who offer the best tour packages while on your Adventurous safari in Kenya.

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