Tsavo National Park Elephants

Where to see Kenya’s elephants

Where to see Kenya’s elephants : Kenya is the best leading safari destination in the entire world that has got the most attractive wildlife. Kenya’s wildlife is located in the national parks and national reserves that are located within the country, on your safari to Kenya you can spot the variety of the elephant species as they are roaring in the amazing serene environment of Kenya. This article brings you the most exceptional safari destinations in Kenya where the tourists can be able to watch the elephants in their habitants.

Where to see Kenya’s elephants.

Amboseli national park.

Amboseli national park is the best destination in Kenya where the tourists can be able to sight the free ranging herds of elephnats in their habitants. The park is located in the South east of Kenya, where the park has got the beautiful back drop of Mount Kilimanjaro, this gives you the magical feeling of nature, the magnificent dry plains of Amboseli are fed by the glacial melt waters of Mount Kilimanjaro that provides the life to the beautiful herds of the elephnats.

Amboseli national park has got the plenty numbers of the elephnats, then when you watch them in the open plains, it gives the tourists awesome safari moment and fun, when watching them as they are bathing in the waterholes is the most exciting safari moment. On your Kenya safari you are advised to stay around Tortilis camp inside Amboseli national park, where it’s located on the small hill which gives tourists the great views over the plains, and the incredible Mount Kilimanjaro.

Chyulu Hills National Park.

Chyulu hills national park is known for its volcanic peaks covered with the evergreen forest which plays a big role in harboring the various wildlife of the park.The park is such gorgeous with the elephnats that are well known of congregating the large breeding herds and with their impressing large tusks which makes the tourists to have the best safari experiences of watching the elephnats. You’re staying at Ol Donyo Lodge inside the park it’s the luxurious camp as this is the best area where to explore these creatures.

Where to see Kenya’s elephants
Amboseli National Park Elephants

Samburu National Reserve.

Samburu National Reserve in located in the northern part of Kenya, where the tourists can find to sight the large number of elephnats. The reserve is mostly attributed by the save the elephnats in the park researchers are with elephnats most of the day, the  elephnats are familiar with the vehicles which gives the tourists the right way to observe the elephnats on a safari which impresses the tourists encountering the elephnats as they can be in large numbers. Elephant watch camp is the most amazing camp to stay during your stay in Samburu, as this is the most excellent camp where you can watch the elephnats on a Kenya safari, as when the acacia trees do fruit after the rain, even there is no need of leaving your room to move outside and watch the elephnats, you just spot the elephnats from your camp as they are picking the fallen fruits, Where to see Kenya’s elephants

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Lewa Wildlife conservancy is a private conservancy located in the northern Kenya. This is the biggest conservancy in the entire Africa with the rich numbers of wildlife, not only the conservancy being well known for the rhinos. Still the destination is famous for the good numbers of the elephnats. The conservancy has got the most beautiful number of lodges that gives the tourists the wide range of activities which ensures the guests the watch these species nicely.

Maasai Mara National reserve.

Maasai Mara National Reserve is the best opportunity that gives the tourists the best viewing of the Kenya’s richness, though there is complicated connection between poaching and human-elephant conflict in the Mara ecosystem. Kicheche has collaborated with Mara elephant Project to reduce the poaching levels, the project also monitors 23 collared elephnats for essential research purposes, these are attractive in that tourists do sight and as well track on a Kenya safari.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Tourists on a Kenya safari to explore the best elephant species are requested to visit elephant orphanage that was founded by David’s widow Daphine. The orphanage its main aim is to release the elephants back in to the wild, it’s one of the projects that supports anti-poaching units, habitant rescue and among others. When you are in Nairobi and opt of sighting the elephant species then David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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