Best Places to spend a Memorable Beach Holiday in Mombasa

Best Places to spend a Memorable Beach Holiday in Mombasa : Mombasa is the most well recognizable in Kenya as a beach Kenya safari destination in East Africa not only in East Africa but also the entire Africa at the world at large, Mombasa is so amazing in that it is beautiful and its beaches are so awesome and they vary in the appeal to the different tourists on a safari to Kenya. The best safari beaches in Mombasa includes the Diani Beach, Nyali beach, Shanzu Beach, Tiwi Beach, Lamu beaches, Watamu beach, Bamburi beach.

 Mombasa provides the most great memorable beach holiday to the travelers who decide to do beach safari from there, as well Mombasa has the experienced guides that gives you the information of every beach that you wish to know and the best beach that you should visit in Mombasa.

Diani Beach.

Diani beach is located 30 kilometers south of Mombasa, the beach can be reached by the tourists by road and also by the means of the air transport from Ukunda Airstrip and the Moi international airport. Diani beach is the biggest beach in Mombasa and this takes the impression for the very first time visitors. Diani beach is so amazing in that it is dotted by the swaying palm leaves, the soft white sand and the guests can be able to enjoy the shimmering ocean as far as the eye can see and the cool breeze teasing your senses this is only found at Diani beach only in the entire world. As the beautiful green abounds all over the beach that gives it the precious look of the beach.

Best Places to spend a Memorable Beach Holiday in Mombasa
Diani Beach

On safari to the Diani beach in Mombasa the tourists are provided with the most great activities that are done by the tourists that gives them the unforgettable memories like windsurfing, swimming with the dolphins, scuba diving, jet-skiing, beach games, canoeing, casino games, sky diving and many others.

Accommodation facilities include the Diani sea resort, Diani reef beach resort and spa, Diani sea lodge, Pride Inn Hotel Diani and among others.

Nyali beach.

Nyali Beach is such a residential area located in Mombasa county, connected to Mombasa island by the New Nyali Bridge, Nyali is known for the high-class hotels and the most beautiful residential houses and the long white sand beaches, the beach is very close to the city and best place for every tourists who wants to mix business with pleasure during a safari. Nyali beach is a safari tourism destination because of its calm water, and its accommodation facilities and its coast bordered with the white sand beaches protects by a coral reef, loved divers.

The tourists on a safari enjoy various activities like the beach volley, wind surfing, scuba diving, kite surf, jet skiing, sailing and many others.

There are various accommodation in the Nyali beach that includes the Nyali beach holiday resort, Hotel English Point and Spa, Pride Inn Hotel Nyali and among others.

Shanzu Beach.

Shanzu beach is located in the North coast of Mombasa, the beach is a safari beach destination as the beach provides a good base for exploring the sights of Mombasa in-depth, not only that the beach has got a variety of attractions to the tourists as the beach offers the unforgettable memories escape with its famous sites and the fine dining, with the coral reefs right at the shore and the coconut palms form the backdrop to the beach, Best Places to spend a Memorable Beach Holiday in Mombasa.

Shanzu beach is perfect for the beach safari holiday in that it is next to the Fort Jesus where the visitors will love more and visit on a safari, minus that the beach is the best place for the tourists who would wish to enjoy both day and the night adventures because it has many entertainment clubs in the area that is the Mtwapa. The beach is next to the Shimba Hills National park in that  the tourists as well can enjoy the wild nature of Kenya that is the park  is just 70 km south Mtwapa as the visitors can spot elephants, antelopes an a variety of the bird species.

Shanzu beach has great accommodations like the Sarova white sands, Serena Beach Hotel and spa, Ashari Hotel, The Shaza, Mombasa Continental Resort and many others.

Watamu Beach.

Watamu beach is among the best safari beach holiday in Mombasa, the beach is located 28 kilometers from the Malindi town, and the beach is next to the Watamu national and marine reserve. The beach is so great for the tourists that is it has the enormous coral reef that makes the tourists to enjoy various activities like the scuba diving, snorkeling and many others.

Watamu beach is such amazing because the beach is near the Gede Ruins and also the Arabuko Sokoke forest for a great safari where the nature lovers can do bird watching safari in the forest and makes it the unique beach in Mombasa.

Watamu beach has a variety of the accommodation facilities like the Watamu Beach Hotel, Alawi Boutique Hotel, Beach Club, Kobe Suite resort, Turtle Bay Medina Palms, Sun Palm beach hotel and among others.

Best Places to spend a Memorable Beach Holiday in Mombasa
Watamu Beach Kenya

Tiwi Beach.

Tiwi Beach is situated a couple of kilometers to the east of the main road, small distance from Diani Beach. Tiwi beach is such blessed in that it attracts a lot of the tourists from various parts of the world as the beach is the most favorite in Mombasa with various activities to the tourists like the snorkeling opportunities to the tourists. So when you ever think about the beach safari in Kenya it’s better to consider Tiwi beach because that is secluded and the visitor can enjoy watching the silvery sea without the distractions, .

Tiwi Beach has a variety of the accommodation facilities like the Amani Tiwi Beach Resort, Waterside villa,

Bamburi Beach.

Bamburi Beach is located 25 kilometers from the Moi International Airport and is accessible by the road means to reach the beach, the beach is situated near the Mombasa city and there it can be accessed easily. The Bamburi beach is so awesome in that it is the best for the honeymooners.

Bamburi Beach is such great with a variety of the activities to the guests like glass board sailing, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, picnicking and among others.

Bamburi has a variety of the accommodation facilities for the visitors like the Bamburi Beach Hotel, Sarova white sands Beach hotel and among others.

Best Places to spend a Memorable Beach Holiday in Mombasa
Bamburi Beach

Lamu Beachs.

Lamu beach is located in the North Mombasa. The Lamu beaches are such perfect for relaxion of the tourists as well as walking and they are all scenic palm-lined, the most loved thing about the Lamu beaches are such great and offers the warm sandy beaches tempt one to walk barefoot that are most preferable in the free carbon environment. Tourists do enjoy a variety of the activities like the dhow sailing, cultural visits, bird watching, sea fishing, swimming, scuba diving and among others, Best Places to spend a Memorable Beach Holiday in Mombasa.

Lamu beaches has accommodation like Manda Bay Hotel, Shela beach house, The Majlis Resort Lamu, Peponi Hotel Lamu, Diamond Beach Village.

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