Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp

Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp is the most stunning and amazing camp that is located in Diani and it is set in Diani Beach, the camp is luxury tented safari camp and it is a paradise full of the serenity and comfort that every traveler would wish to stay in Diani Kenya because it has got the presence of the wildlife safari that attracts a variety of the tourists in the place because of the Kale the friendly giraffe in the area, this is so amazing Kenya destination which becomes colorful after visiting it with friends and family is the most great idea. Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp is a right choice for everyone who would wish to experience the most blissful holiday in the life.

Accommodation at Borabora Wildlife Park and luxury tented camp.

Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp has got various accommodation facilities that provides the guests with the best services that includes the 16 luxury tents to choose from the 9 have queen sized beds and 7 have twin beds, the half the rooms are located by the pond (deluxe) while the other 8 are by the forest (standard).

Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp
Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp

The rooms are large, spacious and luxurious, these deluxe tents are such unique and they are ‘’under-canvas’’ experience and nice change from a regular hotel room, they are well equipped with all the expected modern conveniences the rooms include the en suite bathroom, basin and flush toilets as well as 240v electricity. On a Kenya safari to the camp you enjoy staying in the deluxe tent which is a great way to start or end your safari charming experience to remember.

At Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp there are various necessities that can be used by the guests during their stay like the bath towel, luggage rack, clothes rack, bedside tables with lamp, mosquito proof netting on the windows and doors, full electrics including the lights and UK power socket, ensuite with shower, bed and breakfast, huge walk-in custom-built permanent-pitch tent and many others.

There are other services that can be provided to the guests though on the request during the safari at the camp that includes the Airport transfers (Moi international Airport and Ukunda Airstrip), Half and full board meal plans, Giraffe dinner or dinner in the wild, laundry services and among others.

Restaurant and bar at

The camp has got the restaurant that is open every day from 08:00 am to 22:00 pm hours to cater for the guests all their required food and beverages that they require and these are served by the most friendly and experienced staff, with the most amazing famous Swahili dishes which you should not miss out during your safari to the camp. The restaurant has got the Ala carte menu or the fresh fruit juices and healthy drinks variety to quench your thirst after a walk in the park.

The Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp is the most amazing place to be in during your safari at the camp as well the park also offers the outdoor dining experiences with the giraffes as your special guest to have the breakfast with.



Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp is a Kenya wildlife safari destination that has got various animal species that can be seen by the tourists who come to visit the camp including the tallest terrestrial living animals including the giraffes that were rescued in Naivasha and BoraBora is their new home, other animal species to be seen includes the common zebras, Nile crocodiles, peafowls, Tortoises, Monkeys and among many others.

Bird species.

The camp has got the various bird species that ae over 40 different bird species like the Egyptian geese, peafowls and among others which can be spotted in the BoraBora wildlife park and luxury tented camp that attracts a variety of the tourists in the camp.

Maasai Village.

Tourists are attracted by the Massai village where they get to learn their daily routine of the Maasai Moran, where the tourists gets to learn making their shangaa bracelet with Mama Yeyo, their dancing styles and before leaving the tourists can grab themselves with the hand crafted souvenirs through supporting them.


Catch and Release fishing experience.

Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp has got the man-made dam which gives the fishing opportunity to the tourists who visit the camp through catching various fish species including the mudfish, Koi carps and among others with gives them the best fishing moment experiences.

Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp
Borabora wildlife park and luxury tented camp

Team building.

The camp has got enough space which has the capacity to hold a team building activity of about 50 individuals.


Camping is the best safari that is done  since the camp has got the Eco-camp for the guests who would wish to experience the wild nature of the area through experiencing the night under the stars under the watchful security of the Maasai Morans.

Bird watching.

Birding watching at the camp is so amazing to the bird watchers as they watch the most colorful and beautiful bird species that are over 40 bird species.

Nature trail.

Nature trail with the indigenous forest cover with the open woodland trees dominated by the different palm tree species some exhibiting parasitic forms that raise interesting questions for botanists who visit the park, here you will gather the knowledge about the values of tree species within the sacred forest ecosystem which gives the amazing experience. The trails are such well-maintained with good atmosphere when carrying out the walk as you are relaxing.

Game viewing.

Borabora wildlife park and luxury safari camp has got the a variety of wildlife which makes it easy for the guests to view various animal species that are found in the park including the Maasai giraffe, Common zebra, Nile crocodiles, tortoises, monkeys which gives them the best memories.

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