Game Drives in Tsavo National Park

Game Drives in Tsavo National Park

Game Drives in Tsavo National Park

Game Drives in Tsavo National Park: Tsavo national park is one of the best game viewing destinations in Kenya. The largest and oldest national park of Kenya is gifted with abundant wildlife that are all permanent residents. It homes all African big 5 members (lions, leopards, Rhinos, Buffaloes, and Elephants)  The famousness of the park is based on the red dusty African Elephants that are seen in large numbers. Some times in Galan River where they go and sprinkle their young ones with water. Sometimes they are found rolling in the red termite moulds that make them appear red. Under natural conservation, the color of the Elephants are ashy but you will be suppressed when you reach to Tsavo National park where the Elephants are Red.

To achieve your African wildlife dream safari one has to do a lot of activities at the park. One of the key activity that is done is Game drives. This is one of the best ways to explore the best of Tsavo national park.  The Game drives in Tsavo national park are done using the open roof safari cars/landcruisers. The land cruisers must be 4×4 wheel drive car due to the terrain of the park. With the guide of experienced driver guide you will fully explore the best parts of the park. Normally Game drives in Tsavo are more rewarding. They are done throughout the year as the climatic conditions of the park alongside the short vegetation cover allows games drives to be done year around. The guests can do as many game drives as possible in a day depending on the season when the guests has come for their Tsavo national park Trip. 

Game viewing is the key activity done in Tsavo national park. This has made the park the best tourist choice for game viewing. The game drives are done in the open short savannah grasslands of the park. The game drives are done following the tracks in the park. No off tracking is allowed at the park, the tracks lead to the best wildlife siting areas like water catchment areas where the animals collect to quench their thirst.

Game drives in Tsavo are done through the open grass insearch for the wildlife in their natural habitats. You will be able to enjoy great eye to eye view of wonderful animals at the park. Some of the animals you will likely to encounter during your game drives include: Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes, Elephants, Hyenas, Rhinos, Warthogs, Gazelles, Giraffes, Zebras, Impala, Cheetahs, Marsh Mongoose, dikdik, topis and many others. Game drives in Tsavo are much rewarding and excellent when done by experienced driver guide.

Game drives are categorised in to 3 categories those are: Morning game drives, Afternoon/Evening game drives and finally Full day game drives.

The Game drives in Tsavo national park are categorised according to the time they are done. Each category has targeted wildlife species to encounter hence making them all relevant.

The morning game drives

These are the most popular and dream game drives in any African national park. This is simply because nature is more vibrant and active during the morning hours. The early birds wakes up to catch its first warm, while the grazers want to get the grass when they are still having dew. The nocturnal animals will be on their way back to their hiding places. While the big cats are busy to start the day with a hunt or prey. The morning gam drives are the most rewarding game drives in Tsavo national park. All the big game other game are easily seen when the sun is low or sun just rises. The fresh cold breath of the morning as other animals come out to get vitamin c through sun bathing.

Afternoon/ evening game drives

This is more specific for leopards and any other missed seen animal in the morning game drives. At this time we just come to complete the game drives of the day. Its easy to sight on the leopards during evening game drives as they like attacking the prey when the prey is resting. They spend much of their time lying on trees. Leopards are the hardest animal to see during any of the African safari. Many count it luck but with our experienced driver guides they know the key places where to see them from in Tsavo national park. The only advantage of evening game drives in Tsavo national park is that you can see some of the nocturnal animals when they are coming out of their hide. They start coming as early as 5pm when the sun has gone low. The shy nocturnal animals are easily seen during the evening game drives. The evening game drives are sometimes done on the first day when you arrive at the park after lunch. 

Game Drives in Tsavo National Park
Game Drives in Tsavo National Park

Full day game drives

These are done in the second day of your safari in Tsavo national park. It’s a full Game drives in Tsavo national park. You start it early in the morning with breakfast, have your lunch boxes parked then you enter in to the juggle. You will explore the entire park looking for the wildlife. This is more rewarding since it combines all the first two game drives. This is the best Game drives in Tsavo national park that gives you opportunity to explore the Kenya largest national park. It’s a dedicated day safari of Tsavo to exhaust the entire national park. Leave the camp early and return to the camp later in the evening with enough story to tell in the bush. During the full day game drives one has to move with enough drinking water as the drives are long. 

Tsavo national park is among the few protected areas in Kenya where night game drives are allowed but at an extra cost. This is privately arranged with the camp or lodge your staying at. Game drives in Tsavo national park are part of the activities that is included in the park entry fees.

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