Is Diani Beach The Best Beach In The World?

Is Diani Beach The Best Beach In The World? Diani Beach is not only one of the top beach destinations in the world, it is the one of the best beaches in Africa and it was voted as one of the top beaches in Africa by CNN, Diani Beach is also one of the greatest water spots destinations in East Africa offering a range of water sport activities such as Kayaking, jet-skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle boarding and scuba-diving.

Diani Beach is a major beach on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya in East Africa located about 30 kilometers south of Mombasa in Kwale County, the coast area of Kenya is known for its coral reefs, black and white colobus monkeys and fore the closely located Shimba Hills National Reserve a wildlife reserve overlooking the Indian Ocean. Kenya is one of the few places in the world where reef sharks are seen frequently and Diani Beach is one of the best places to see them in Kenya.

Diani Beach is about 10 kilometers long from the Kongo River to the north and Galu Beach and is adjacent to Ukunda Town.

Diani Beach offers an expansive 20 kilometers of powder white sand which meets the Indian Ocean on Kenya’s South Coastline.

Diani Beach hosts high class hotels, resorts, restaurants, shopping centers with boutiques and curio shops, Diani Beach is not only a breathtaking destination, its scenery impresses travelers and also offers an extensive range of experiences fit for families and honeymooners.

Yes, Diani Beach is the best Beach in the world and here are the reasons to why

  1. Boutique accommodation

Diani Beach has a variety of world – class beach resorts and lodges and some of the best accommodation facilities include

Waterlovers Beach Resort – a charming resort with panoramic oceanic views, the resort is situated approximately 35 kilometers away from Mombasa and offers an outdoor pool, a restaurant and free Wi-Fi.

The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel – this elegant hotel is situated along the sandy Diani Beach and it features an outdoor and indoor pool, a restaurant, a fitness center, massage services and a poolside bar.

Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa – located on Galu Beach and 10 kilometers from the Ukunda Airstrip, this boutique hotel features water sport activities, an outdoor pool and restaurants.

The sands at Nomad Boutique Hotel – with exclusive beach cottages and luxurious suites many with private jacuzzies, panoramic terraces and spacious sitting room. All the rooms are individually interior designed and furnished with an inspired combination of Swahili objects d’art furniture and the finest mahogany woodwork.

Others accommodations at Diani Beach include Kinondo Kwetu Lodge, The Zubeida, Swahili Beach Resort, The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel among others.

 Fine food and drink options

Diani Beach offers a wide range of fine food and drink options to be enjoyed by visitors during their Diani Beach Holiday, most of the resorts, lodges and restaurants offer quality local and traditional dishes.

Some of the best places offering culinary adventure at Diani Beach include

Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant at The Sands Nomad Boutique Hotel – is so far the best spot on Diani Beach offering an extensive menu featuring fresh, organic and healthy home- made dishes accompanied by the best wine cellar collection of the South Coast. The restaurant offers fresh seafood, prime cuts of locally sourced meat and vegetarian dishes straight from the farm. The hotel has The owner’s wine cellar offering a fine dining experience in a relaxed and intimate setting perfect for visitors looking for a more private dining experience.

The Nomad Beach Bar is a perfect place to sit and enjoy your favorite cocktail or beer.

Is Diani Beach The Best Beach In The World?
Diani Beach

Pita Pan – a Bistro is another place to wine and dinner at Diani Beach, the Bistro serves great coffee and breakfast delights, Lebanese inspired dishes from crispy fish fingers, healthy salads, crunchy samosas, shawarmas and spring chicken.

Pita Pan opens from 9 am to 5 am and opens from Monday to Saturday.

Other best spots to visit for a culinary adventure in Diani Beach include Asha Bistro, Soul Breeze Beach Resort, The Anchor within SeArenity, Piri Pirie’s Bar & Restaurant among others.

Family friendly

Diani Beach is a family friendly destination with activities fitting every age range, from children to adults, the beach is a perfect destination for frolicking the sand with young ones. The beach’s coral reef that runs parallel along the beach acts as a wave breaker which means the shallow protected ocean is perfect for more fun and adventures such as snorkeling and diving among others which can be done together as a family.

Underwater wonders

Diani Beach is a marine paradise with many marine adventures including scuba diving and snorkeling, Diani Beach has some of the top dive sites and you can explore the pristine coral reefs along Diani Beach Coast.

Diani Beach is a home to a community of unique sea turtles that are commonly encountered during diving all year-round and the Whaleshark – the largest fish in the world that migrate through these waters from November to February.

Visitors who do not know how to swim, you can dive with the Crab, Kenya’s leading scuba diving center.


Diani Beach is one of the best spots in Africa for kitesurfing, the beach is also a host to the annual Kenya Kite Cup which is hosted by Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant every year in January.

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