Top 10 Best Beaches to Visit in Coast Kenya

Top 10 Best Beaches to Visit in Coast Kenya : Though Kenya is Africa’s premier wildlife safari destination, it is also a great destination for beach holiday as has many beautiful beaches which one can enjoy along the Indian Ocean in the coast of Kenya.

Kenya’s Coast is approximately 536 kilometers featuring sandy white beaches, calm azure water and cool breezes, these beautiful beaches offered myriad activities that will make your holiday a memorable one.

Some of the activities to engage in while on the Kenyan Coast include swimming, snorkeling, kite surfing among others. The Kenya Coast is also a melting point for cultures with elements of Arabs, Indians, Chinese and Europeans.

Kenya’s beaches in the Indian Ocean are a family – friendly destinations, perfect for traveling seeking to relax, enjoy a good time and food or engage in one of your favorite water sports. Here are the top 10 best beaches in Kenya.

Diani Beach

The immaculate Diani Beach is one of the best beaches in the world with a reputation as the ultimate beach destination, the beach is located 30 kilometers outside Mombasa. This beautiful white sandy beach hosts various coconut palms frame shielding it from heavy waves, this beautiful shield makes the water a dream destination for anyone who wants to swim, dive and snorkel.

Diani Beach also boasts some of the beach resorts in Kenya, these resorts offer ultimate luxury, best Swahili dishes and incredible ocean views.

In the evenings, you can put on your dancing shoes and explore the entertaining lifetime of Diani Beach. Also, Mombasa which is Kenya’s capital is situated a few kilometers away.


Watamu is a series of pristine beaches between Mida Creek and the Indian Ocean, these include Turtle Bay Beach, Short Beach, Jacaranda Bay, Paparemo Beach and Garoda Beach.

These beaches offer clear waters under the blue sky with gentle waves making them ideal for swimming and scuba diving, you can also snorkel in the nearby Watamu National Marine Park to explore its beautiful underwater life.

Also, Watamu Beaches border one of the most known historic sites in Kenya, the famous UNESCO Wolrd Heritage ruins of Gedi Town and the Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve hosting wild cats, antelopes and elephants.

Galu Kinondo Beach

Galu Kinondo is a continuation of the beautiful Diani Beach and also offers the sand white sand beach with fewer developments and traffic than Diani, this makes it the best beach to visit for those looking for a secluded, laid bank destination.

This beach is popular for water sports such as kitesurfing and paddling, you can also snorkel or scuba dive in the clear waters to explore the underwater world. Expect to swim among eels, scorpion fish, sea horses and other aquatic animals.

Lamu Island Beaches

If you are looking forward to experiencing the authentic Swahili culture, Lamu Island beaches is the perfect for you. Lamu Island is home to numerous stunning beaches and one of the oldest coastal towns in Kenya.

You can explore the golden beaches of Lamu in dhows and marvel at the magical sunset or relax and enjoy a sip, Lamu Beaches also offer some of the most sensational watersports in Kenya.

Beaches on Lamu Island include Shela Beach with no barrier reef making it the best place to visit for fairly surfable waters.

Manda Bay

The stunning powdery white sand beaches of Manda Island is situated just off Lamu, Manda Bay houses the calm, turquoise – blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Visitors can enjoy plenty of sunshine and water sport enthusiasts explore the winds and water.

Also, there are several areas to visit including the UNESCO – designated town of Lamu


Nyali is the most secluded beach in Kenya and the most metropolitan beach in Kenya, this rarely visited beach offers a quiet and serene ocean view where you can relax.

The less traffic on this beach makes it one of the best surfing spots in Kenya, also you can swim and kayak without fear of colliding with someone. You can stroll in the sunset, build sand castle or play beach rugby or volley ball if you are not interested in water.

Near the beach lies Mombasa Marine National Park for family to visit and explore, you can snorkel and explore the reefs and meadows under the water.

Other top beaches in Mombasa include Pirates Beach, Bamburi Beach, Mombasa Beach, Serena Beach and Shanzu Beach.


Mambrui Beach is one of the beach beaches in Kenya found in Malindi, thus beautiful beach boasts gentle offshore winds that make it a kitesurfing paradise.

This less frequented beach also offers a tranquil gateway where you can sunbath, take a stroll, swim or go deep-sea fishing. Snorkel in the nearby Malindi Marine Park and explore its exotic aquatic life or jump into a safari vehicle and explore Tsavo East National Park.

Mambrui Beach has numerous luxury beach resorts with local and international cuisines for your tastebuds, also you can enjoy various drinks while listening to music besides a bonfire in the evenings.

Chale Beach

For any traveler looking for solitude, you will fall in love with Chale Beach which is a popular bumming spot-on Kenya’s only private island resort. Also, you will find other small, secluded beaches that are rarely visited. Expect to see the endangered sea turtles that call the waters home.

Top 10 Best Beaches to Visit in Coast Kenya
The Sands At Chale

Also, the island hosts native wildlife living in the dense mangrove forest, you can kayak in the mangrove or dive and snorkel along the stunning coral reefs offshore.

Chale beach is perfect for honeymoon holiday or a luxury beach destination.


Malindi is a world-famous beach for several reasons, Malindi is where Vasco da Gama landed in Africa and is home to the best beaches in Coast Kenya. It offers a tropical climate ideal for sunbathing, swimming and surfing, Malindi also boasts panoramic views in the background.

Malindi nests numerous luxurious beach resorts and hotels with exquisite cuisines and the best drinks in town, the nightlife also makes Malindi a dream destination for party enthusiasts.


Kikambala Beach is perched between the Indian Ocean and hills in Vipingo, this beach is relatively new among the best beaches in the Coast Kenya offering visitors an incredible time.

The beach boasts coconut palm groves and white sand beaches and long coral reefs that protects it, the reefs make it one of the best beaches to visit in Kenya for sunbathing and swimming.

In the recent years, the area has seen changes from being a sisal hub to a tourism centre thanks to new mega – resorts. The nearby hills offer a bird’s eye view of the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and is a perfect spot for ocean pictures.

If you are looking for a beach holiday in Kenya, the long Kenya coast offers the best pristine beaches, azure water and incredible aquatic life perfect for swimming, snorkeling and surfing. Also, you will enjoy local and international cuisines with various cultures with elements of Asian, Arabic, European and Swahili cultures.

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