Undiscovered Safari Destinations in Kenya

Undiscovered Safari Destinations in Kenya : Kenya is well known for its well-developed tourism infrastructure, it cannot be avoided because of the huge various Kenya safari destinations in the country. Kenya boasts amazing array of the worthwhile sites that are accessible, affordable and utterly off any beaten tourist track without doubt can offer a travel experience as adventurous and un-touristy as you want it to be. Also the undiscovered safari destinations in Kenya makes it the most special and amazing ever on this planet, Tsavo National Park.

Undiscovered safari destinations in Kenya.

Chalbi Desert and Turkana.

Chalbi Desert is a real gem, it is located in Marsabit County, east of the famous Lake Turkana, it is the largest desert in Kenya even spreading the Ethiopian border it covers 100.00 kilometer square and it is known as the hottest and arid places in Kenya.  Chalbi desert, is a vast flat nothingness which is occasionally transformed into a shallow seasonal lake, the land of the endless mirages and salt flats somewhat bizarrely drops at its western rom to the base of the Rift Valley and the infinity mysterious Lake Turkana, the world’s desert lake. Chalbi desert is surrounded by the volcanic hills that create a magical panorama with only selected animals and vegetation that can withstand hostile climates in the entire sub-Saharan regions.

Undiscovered Safari Destinations in Kenya
Chalbi Desert

 The Turkana is not only visually compelling the deep green waters hemmed in by apocalyptic moonscape of the extinct volcanoes and the naked flows but its hinterland also the desert provides the tourists with a variety of the activities to the tourists on a Kenya safari that includes the desert safari, camel ride, culture safari and many more.

Kakamega forest.

Kakamega forest is situated in the western province Kenya, it is known as the last remnant of the ancient Guineo-Congolian rainforest that once spanned the continent. Tourists on a Kenya safari may extend beyond the game plains, in the vast western forest close to the town of the Kakamega, thus the tourists who visit the Kakamega forest are offered with the great mammal safari that is the primate viewing to the abundant  black and white colobus and the good chance of spotting the nocturnal sloth-like potto, the Kakamega is the Kenya’s most alluring safari destination with various over 320 bird species and also the butterflies, reptiles and insects that makes it a specialist eco-tourism safari  attraction for the bird watchers, wildlife photographers.

Shimba hills.

Shimba hills are the scenic game reserve, the shimba hills provide the tourists with the most amazing safari that is, it gives the most great predator sightings compared to any other place in Kenya with the large herds of the tuskers that roam the lush green hills, coastal forests in East Africa while most of the diversity of Kenya’s plant species are found, while mud-stained buffalo and sable antelope the latter wiped out elsewhere in Kenya can be taken for granted.

Shimba hills is a Kenya  birding safari destination with the birding opportunities and twitchers, especially the bird lovers can spot the coastal forest birds headed by the sought-after Green-headed oriole, Crocking cisticola or the Zanzibar Red Bishop, there is amazing offer for the tourists that do luxury that is a superb Treetops-style lodge that is ringed by the coastal forest, reverberating with bird calls, provides a playground for red coastal squirrels by day and bush babies by night, or if you are a camp lover you can camp in a forest glade, sipping a sundowner as you gloat in the direction to the distant outline of a costal Diani.

Marsabit Mountain.

Marsabit Mountain is inside Marsabit national park that is known as a home to many elephants that were raptured to have the longest tusks in Africa, and Marsabit Mountain is studded with the crater lakes, the upper slopes of the mountain there is an isolated forested massif, that is surrounded on all sides by the arid badlands characteristics of northern Kenya.

Undiscovered Safari Destinations in Kenya
Marsabit Mountain

Gedi Ruins and Sokoke forest.

Gedi Ruins is situated in the North coast of Mombasa, towards Malindi in Kenya, Gedi was a small town built from rocks and stones and was inhabited by a few thousand Swahili people and ruled by the rich sultan, with numerous inhabitants the town became wealthy and it reaches its peak in the fifteenth century that are evidenced by the presence of the numerous ruins that makes it a safari destination.  Gedi Ruins is accompanied by the Sokoke forest where the tourists can view the golden-rumped elephant shrew bouncing along the forest paths and the Sokoke forest provides the sanctuary to the rare Ader’s duiker, endemic Clarke’s weaver, Sokoke scopa owl and many others.

Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is the largest water body in Africa that is shared by the three East African countries that is Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania while Uganda takes the largest portion thus receiving a lot in the way of receiving the largest tourism. Lake Victoria is also known as Victoria Nyanza it makes it one of the best places to visit in Kenya, it was named Lake Victoria by the British explorer John Hanning Speke, the lake is a safari destination that is it spreads over an area of 69,484 square kilometers and preserves more than 200species of fish and provides the fishing safari to the tourists.


Olorgasailie is just two hour’s south of Nairobi a decent surfaces road, yet epochs in mood, the Olorgasailie is one of the East Africa most important early hoately rustic and cheap, with hyenas and lions providing a lively nocturnal soundtrack and views. Olorgesailie is a geological formation in East Africa, on the floor of the Eastern Rift Valley, in southern Kenya, the Olorgasailie contains a group of the lower Paleolithic archaeological sites, the guests on a safari to the Olorgasailie due to the fact the site is noted for the large number of Acheulean hand axes discovered there that are associated with animal butchering.

Siawa swamp National Park.

Siawa swamp national park is the smallest national park in Kenya, the park has got a ripian forest, and the park is the best place in Africa, to spot the semi-aquatic sitatunga antelope, white-beared De Brazza’s monkey and many primates.


Pate Island.

Pate Island is located in the Indian Ocean close to the northern coast of Kenya, to which it belongs. It is the largest island in the Lamu Archipelago, which lie between the towns of Lamu and Kiunga in the former coast province. The Pate Island was an early site of the Arabic colonization and various tourists visit the island for fishing safari in the island. On the south west of the island there lies Pate town that elaborates the plaster works, fine arts, intricate jewelry, fine cloths that can also be bought by the tourists as the souvenirs during their safari in Kenya to the Pate Island.

Kericho is a popular travel safari destination for biking, food, cathedrals, secret, historical sites, and farms over Kenya. Kericho is the best place to travel if you would like to travel to a metropolis, crowdy with a lot of attractions and activities to be done by the tourists on a safari

Tsavo National Park

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