Reasons to go for a Kenya Safari

Reasons to go for a Kenya Safari : Kenya is a gorgeous safari destination with the various safari destinations where the tourists decide to visit because the country has got the most high concentration of the large numbers of the attractions that you cannot find anyway else but except in Kenya, the destination has got the vast number of attractions that fits every age group during a safari, because impresses the tourists with every attraction from the city tours, cultural visits, wildlife, beaches and among many others, here are the main reasons to why you should consider Kenya  as your best safari destination.

Reasons to go for a Kenya safari.


Kenya is famous because of its vast wildlife that attracts tourists to the country, the country being with the best habitats of the different species as made the country to be the home of the attractive wildlife. Kenya has got the nature wonders that is the wildebeest migration which comes in enters Maasai Mara National Reserve from Tanzania these can only be seen in the country, this attracts various tourists in the country.

Kenya is also blessed with the Big five mammals that are so rewarding to the tourists on a Kenya that includes the Leopards, lions, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes. Not only those Kenya has other many animal species and without forgetting the bird species. Most of the animal species in Kenya are found in Amboseli National Park, Tsavo National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Maasai National Reserve, and Samburu National Reserve and among others.

Reasons to go for a Kenya Safari
Mudanda Rock in Tsavo National Park

Beach safaris.

Kenya’s beaches are the most perfect ones in the entire Africa with the Indian Ocean coastline which makes everything fancy, Kenya has got the popular and famous Diani Beach which has got white sands, attractive warm waters which makes the tourists to enjoy and participate in various safari activities to their maximum.

Guests who come to the beaches of Kenya enjoy in doing various activites and enjoy soaking their feet in the sand of the beach while sipping on the cocktails makes their safari meaningful. Other beaches in Kenya to where the tourists can go and relax their minds includes watamu, kilifi, Funzi, Lamu and among many others. Travelers can exceed and enjoy exploring the amazing cultures of Mombasa and venture in various historical colonial ports along the coast which tells the Kenya’s history.

Cultural tours.

A Kenya safari can never be complete minus carrying out a cultural tour. And when I talk about the cultural tours majorly those are the Maasai, this is where the tourists enjoy knowing the heritages, the unique customs and traditions through visiting them in their villages while sharing and interacting with them. This gives the tourists the unforgettable memories with them.

Game viewing.

There is nothing magical that beats game viewing on a Kenya safari, this is where the tourists explorers the animal species in their natural habitats including in the wide-open savannah plains, majorly the game viewing in the parks of Kenya is done through nature walks, cycling, hiking, horseback riding and many others as these are rewardable and gives the tourists the best viewing safari experiences. This is where the tourists can sport the famous big five animal species in the country, various bird species and among others, selecting Kenya has your best destination is the great choice because you will not be disappointed.

Experiencing the great migration.

Kenya gives the travelers the best moments after witnessing the great wildebeest migration that is where millions and millions of the wildebeest, thousands of zebras, gazelles and other animal species leaves Serengeti National Park Tanzania to Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The great wildebeest migration takes place from July to October, as the most travels enjoy viewing them on the Mara River to Kenya as they are  looking  for the greener pastures as this gives the guests an array of the fascinating wildlife sightings and safari experiences.

Reasons to go for a Kenya Safari
wildebeest migration

Pink flamingos in the great lakes

Kenya has got the pink flamingos that attract variety of the tourists to spot the flamingos, as they can be found in Lake Nakuru, lake Naivasha not only the flamingos that’s where the tourists enjoy spotting various bird species as  these can be beautiful and attractive hence making more tourists to be attracted because of the flamingos.

Magical Mountain peaks.

Kenya has attractive mountains that allows the guests to participate in the hiking safari including Mount Kenya, Mount Elgon, and Mount Longonot and among others visiting Amboseli National Park as well gives you the spectacular viewing of Mount Kilimanjaro that is so rewarding and gives the tourists the best safari memories.

Experiencing best luxury safari lodges.

Kenya rewards you with the luxury safari lodges that are classic safari destination. The luxury safari lodges have got the world-class service and fine dining and among other attractive establishments, not only that the expert guides at each lodge that provides the sight into the local heritage and the surrounding flora and fauna, enjoy your best luxury safari lodge in Kenya with the sense of adventure and extreme style.

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